Seminar: Contrasting patterns of sensitivity for locally adapted and non-adapted marine populations to climate change redistribution

  • Speaker: Scott Bennett, Marie Curie Fellow Dpto. Investigación del Cambio Global (IMEDEA)







Esporles, april 24, 2017. As evidence for climate warming impacts increase globally, so too has the recognition of high spatial variability in the distribution and magnitude of climate impacts.


Not all locations are affected equally by warming, and within any given local community, species’ may respond differently to thermal stress.


Climate heterogeneity and intra-specific variation in thermal tolerance (i.e. local adaptation and acclimatisation) are often overlooked in global or regional assessments of species sensitivity to warming. 


Nevertheless intra-specific variation in thermal limits is increasingly observed among marine populations and has important implications for how we understand warming sensitivity at the species and community level.


Here we identify ‘hot-spots' and ‘cool-spots’ of climate change sensitivity among coastal marine communities based on concordant and discordant patterns warming sensitivity for locally adapted and non-adapted populations.   



Date and Time: Wednesday, april 26, 11:30-12:30h

Place: IMEDEA Seminar Room