Seminar: The fitness consequences of behavioral traits in fisheries

  • Speaker: Pep Alós, Juan de la Cierva researcher, and member of the Group of Ecology of Marine Macrophytes, Department of Natural Resources (IMEDEA).




Foto: El raor (Xyrichthys novacula) y el uso de modelos matemáticos complejos para resolver enigmas clásicos de Ecología.



Esporles, may 24, 2017. How fish behavior affects the sustainability of both small- and large-scale fisheries has gained recent interest, and in this presentation I will show an example.


We have recently explored the fitness consequences of individual behavioural heterogeneity by testing if fishing is selecting for certain repeatable fish behavioral traits in a popular coastal fishery.


Using underwater-video we first documented an exceptionally high exploitation rate (among the highest ever observed in animal systems).


Using electronic tracking, we subsequently found that fish showed repeatable behaviors in several movement traits.


Finally, we examined the survivorship and found that harvesting induced strong negative selection gradients on behavior.


Fisheries-induced adaptive change in behavior of exploited fish may be widespread and have strong effects on food-webs and profitability of the fisheries.



Date and Time: Thursday, may 25, 10h

Place: Centro Oceanográfico de Baleares (COB) assembly hall






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