Conferences and seminars

Communications [2018]

Integrating stakeholder perspectives into environmental planning through social valuation of ecosystem services: Guidance and Prototype Applications
A. Walz; K. Schmidt; R. Noebel; C. Bullock; G. Cojocaru; M.J. Collier; A. de Vries Lentsch; A. Dyankov; L. Ingwall-King; D. Joyce; J. Lascurain; S. Lavorel; N. Marba; M. Metzger; I. Rosário; A. Ruiz-Frau;S. Scholte.
European Landscape Ecology Congress
Ghent (Bélgica) 2017
Trends in phytoplankton phenology in the Mediterranean Sea
Paula Salgado;Marie-Fanny Racault; Gotzon Basterretxea
SPIE Photonics Fabrication Europe
Varsovia (Polonia) 2017
Transition boundaries for protistan plankton community turnover in hypersaline waters of different biogeographic regions
Filker S; Stoeck T; Rossello-Mora R
SAME15 15th Symposium on Aquatic Microbial Ecology
Zagreb (Croacia) 2017
Swarm network analyses reveal a high diversity of unknown colpodellids in hypersaline habitats
Forster D; Frühe L; Filker S; Rossello-Mora R; Stoeck T
SAME15 15th Symposium on Aquatic Microbial Ecology
Zagreb (Croacia) 2017
Let the octopus talks to you
P. Arechavala-Lopez
1st Summer Shoal of Fish Ethology and Welfare
Monfalcone (Italia) 2017
Monitoring of the Algerian Basin circulation through glider observations, numerical simulations and altimetry during fall 2014-2016
Aulicino, Giuseppe ;Cotroneo, Yuri ;Ruiz, Simón ;Sánchez-Román, Antonio ;Pascual, Ananda ;Fusco, Gianneta ;Tintoré, Joaquín ;Budillon, Goirgio
IAMAS IAPSO IACS 2009 Joint Assembly
Cape Town (South Africa) 2017
Resistance and tolerance responses to herbivory under increased nutrient conditions and their effects on seagrass palatability
Hernán,G.; Castejón-Silvo, I.; Terrados, J.; Tomas, F.;
Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting
Portland (United States) 2017
FishEthoScore - assessment of fish species’ potential for welfare in farming
Joao L. Saraiva; M. F. Castanheira; P. Arechavala-López; J. Volstorf; B.H.P. Studer
35th International Ethological Conference
Lisboa (Portugal) 2017
A taxonomy for the uncultured
Rossello-Mora R
15 international Congress of Bacteroiology and Applied Microbiology
Singapore (Singapore) 2017
Emerging life histories from links between behaviour and energy budgets in selective recreational fisheries.
Campos-Candela, A; Palmer, M; Follana-Berná, G.; Alós, J.
World Recreational Fishing Conference
Victoria (Canada) 2017
Jorge Lalucat,; Margarita Gomila; Magdalena Mulet; Elena García-Valdés
Federation of European Microbiologists Societies
Valencia (España) 2017
Margarita Gomila; Antonio Busquets; Magdalena Mulet; Elena García-Valdés; Jorge Lalucat
Federation of European Microbiologists Societies
Valencia (España) 2017
To be or not to be a modern and universal taxonomy, that is the question
Rossello-Mora R
Federation of European Microbiologists Societies
Valencia (España) 2017
Species status of the Pseudomonas stutzeri genomovars
Elena García-Valdés; Margarita Gomila; Magdalena Mulet; Jorge Lalucat
Federation of European Microbiologists Societies
Valencia (España) 2017
Reconstruction of transports through the Strait of Gibraltar from limited observations
Jordà, G.; Sánchez-Román, A.; Gomis, D.;
HyMeX Workshop
Barcelona (España) 2017
Age–dependent capture–recapture models and unequal time intervals: are we doing it correctly?
Sanz-Aguilar, A.; Tavecchia, G.
EURING Analytical Meeting & Workshop
Barcelona (España) 2017
Landscape of fear by invasive native carnivores elicits differential dispersal, and changes in age structure and reproductive value in a prey population
Payo-Payo, A.; Sanz-Aguilar, A.; Genovart, M.; Bertolero, A.; Piccardo, J.; Camps, D.; Ruiz–Olmo, J.; Oro, D.
EURING Analytical Meeting & Workshop
Barcelona (España) 2017
Estimating adult and juvenile survival of ring-necked parakeets (Psittacula krameri) of uncertain age through multievent models
Sanz-Aguilar, A.; Arroyo, Ll.; Ortega–Segalerva, A.; Carrillo, J. G.; Tomas, X.; Montalvo, T.;Senar, J. C.
EURING Analytical Meeting & Workshop
Barcelona (España) 2017
Fish ethological findings as a tool to improve farmed fish welfare
Billo Heinzpeter Studer; Jenny Volstorf; João Luis Saraiva; Maria Filipa Castanheira; Pablo Arechavala-López
Universities Federation for Animal Welfare International Symposium
Londres (Reino Unido) 2017
Salinibacter ruber, la primera bacteria halófila estricta con relevancia ecológica: descubrimiento, genómica y biogeografía
Rossello-Mora, R
XIII Congreso Internacional de Investigación Científica
Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) 2017