Animal and Microbial Biodiversity

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Modelling pest dynamics under uncertainty in pest detection: the case of the red palm weevil
A. Sanz-Aguilar, I. Cortés, I. Gascón, O. Martínez, S. Gnard, G. Tavecchia
BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS , Vol. 22. Pag. 1635-1645 (2020)
Infestation of small seabirds by Ornithodoros maritimus ticks: effects on chick body condition, reproduction and associated infectious agents
A. Sanz-Aguilar, A. Payo-Payo, A. Rotger, L. Yousfi, S. Moutailler, C. Beck, M. Dumarest, J.M. Igual, M.A. Miranda, M. Viñas-Torres, V. Picorelli, A. Gamble, T. Boulinier
Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases , Vol. 11. Pag. 101281- (2020)
Human-carnivore relations: Conflicts, tolerance and coexistence in the American West
M. Expósito-Granados, A. Castro, J. Lozano, J. Aznar-Sanchez, N. Carter, J. Requena-Mullor, A. Malo, A. Olszańska, Z. Morales-Reyes, M. Moleón, J. Sánchez-Zapata, A. Cortés-Avizanda, J. Fischer, B. Martín-López
Environmental Research Letters , Vol. 14. 12 Pag. 123005- (2019)
Rewilding traditional grazing areas affects scavenger assemblages and carcass consumption patterns
E. Arrondo, Z. Morales-Reyes, M. Moleón, A. Cortés-Avizanda, J. Donázar, J. Sánchez-Zapata
BASIC AND APPLIED ECOLOGY , Vol. 41. Pag. 56-66 (2019)
When and where mortality occurs throughout the annual cycle changes with age in a migratory birds: indiviudal vs population implications.
F. Sergio, G. Tavecchia, A. Tanferna, J. Blas, G. Blanco, F. Hiraldo
Scientific Reports , Vol. 9. Pag. 17352- (2019)
Predominance of deterministic microbial community dynamics in salterns exposed to different light intensities
T. Viver, L. Orellana, S. Díaz, M. Urdiain, M. Ramos-Barbero, J. González-Pastor, A. Oren, J. Hatt, R. Amann, J. Antón, K. Konstantinidis, R. Rosselló-Móra
ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY , Vol. 21. 11 Pag. 4300-4315 (2019)
The age and diversification of metacrangonyctid subterranean amphipod crustaceans revisited
J. Pons, J. Jurado-Rivera, D. Jaume, R. Vonk, M. Bauzà-Ribot, C. Juan
MOLECULAR PHYLOGENETICS AND EVOLUTION , Vol. 140. 140 Pag. 106599- (2019)
Photo-identification of horseshoe whip snakes (Hemorrhois hippocrepis, linnaeus, 1758) by a semi-automatic procedure applied to wildlife management
A. Rotger, V. Colomar, J. Moreno, L. Parpal
HERPETOLOGICAL JOURNAL , Vol. 29. 4 Pag. 304-307 (2019)
Prokaryotic and viral community of the sulfate-rich crust from Peñahueca ephemeral lake, an astrobiology analogue
A. Martin-Cuadrado, E. Senel, M. Martínez-García, A. Cifuentes, F. Santos, C. Almansa, M. Moreno-Paz, Y. Blanco, M. García-Villadangos, M. del Cura, M. Sanz-Montero, J. Rodríguez-Aranda, R. Rosselló-Móra, J. Antón, V. Parro
ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY , Vol. 21. 10 Pag. 3577-3600 (2019)
Feeding preferences of amphipod crustaceans Ampithoe ramondi and Gammarella fucicola for Posidonia oceanica seeds and leaves
I. Castejón-Silvo, D. Jaume, J. Terrados
SCIENTIA MARINA , Vol. 83. 4 Pag. 349-356 (2019)
A low cost approach to estimate demographic rates using inverse modeling
R. Rodríguez-Caro, T. Wiegand, E. White, A. Sanz-Aguilar, A. Giménez, E. Graciá, K. van Benthem, J. Anadón
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 237. Pag. 358-365 (2019)
Arm-less mitochondrial tRNAs conserved for over 30 millions of years in spiders
J. Pons, P. Bover, L. Bidegaray-Batista, M.A. Arnedo
BMC GENOMICS , Vol. 20. 665 Pag. 1-16 (2019)
Human carnivore relations A systematic review
J. Lozano, A. Olszańska, Z. Morales-Reyes, A.A. Castro, A.F. Malo, M. Moleón, J.A. Sánchez-Zapata, A. Cortés-Avizanda, H. von Wehrden, I. Dorresteijni, R. Kanskyj, J. Fischera, B. Martín-López
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 237. 1 Pag. 480- (2019)
“Candidatus Macondimonas diazotrophica”, a novel gammaproteobacterial genus dominating crude-oil-contaminated coastal sediments
S. Karthikeyan, L. Rodriguez-R, P. Heritier-Robbins, M. Kim, W. Overholt, J. Gaby, J. Hatt, J. Spain, R. Rosselló-Móra, M. Huettel, J. Kostka, K. Konstantinidis
ISME Journal , Vol. 13. 8 Pag. 2129-2134 (2019)
Characterization of microsatellite markers for the endangered Daphne rodriguezii (Thymelaeaceae) and related species
C. García-Verdugo, J. Illera, A. Traveset
Applications in Plant Sciences , Vol. 7. 7 Pag. 11274- (2019)
First description of two moderately halophilic and psychrotolerant Mycoplasma species isolated from cephalopods and proposal of Mycoplasma marinum sp. nov. and Mycoplasma todarodis sp. nov
A. Ramírez, O. Vega-Orellana, T. Viver, J. Poveda, R. Rosales, C. Poveda, J. Spergser, M. Szostak, M. Caballero, L. Ressel, J. Bradbury, M. Mar Tavío, S. Karthikeyan, R. Amann, K. Konstantinidis, R. Rossello-Mora
SYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY , Vol. 42. 4 Pag. 457-467 (2019)
Proposal for changes in the international code of nomenclature of prokaryotes: Granting priority to Candidatus names
W. Whitman, I. Sutcliffe, R. Rossello-Mora
Unrevelling the sex- and age-specific impact of poaching mortality with multievent modeling
L. Corlatti, A. Sanz-Aguilar, G. Tavecchia, Pedrotti L
Frontiers in Zoology Pag. 16-20 (2019)
Unraveling the phylogenetic relationships of the extinct bovid Myotragus balearicus Bate 1909 from the Balearic Islands
P. Bover, B. Llamas, K. Mitchell, J.A. Alcover, A. Cooper, C. Lalueza-Fox, V. Thomson, J. Pons
QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS , Vol. 125. Pag. 185-195 (2019)
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