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Nesting ecology of East Pacific green turtles at Playa Cabuyal, Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica
P. Santidrian Tomillo, S. A. Roberts, R. Hernández, J. R. Spotila, F.V. Paladino
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Effects of decreased anthropogenic food availability on an opportunistic gull: Evidence for a size-mediated response in breeding females
E.C. Steigerwald, J.-M. Igual, A. Payo-Payo, G. Tavecchia
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APHIS: a new software for photo-matching in ecological studies
Ó. Moya, P.-L. Mansilla, S. Madrazo, J.M. Igual, A. Rotger, G. Tavecchia
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Beyond species loss: extinction of interactions in a changing world
A. Valiente-Banuet, M.A. Aizen, J.M. Alcántara, J. Arroyo, A. Cocucci, M. Galetti, M.B. García, D. García, J.M. Gómez, P. Jordano, R. Medel, L. Navarro, J.R. Obeso, R. Oviedo, N. Ramírez, P.J. Rey, A. Traveset, M. Verdú, R. Zamora
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Predicting responses of the Adélie penguin population of Edmonson Point to future sea ice changes in the Ross Sea
T. Ballerini, G. Tavecchia, F. Pezzo, S. Jenouvrier, S. Olastroni
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution , Vol. 3. 8 Pag. 1-11 (2015)
A new genus of speleophriid copepod (Copepoda: Misophrioida) from a cenote in the Yucatan, Mexico with a phylogenetic analysis at the species level
G.A. Boxshall, S. Zylinski, D. Jaume, T.M. Iliffe, E. Suárez-Morales
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The towering orogeny of New Guinea as a trigger for arthropod megadiversity.
E. Toussaint, R. Hall, M.T. Monaghan, K. Sagata, S. Ibalim, H. Shaverdo, A.P. Vogler, J. Pons, M. Balke
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Individual improvements and selective mortality shape lifelong migratory performance
F. Sergio, Taferna A., R. De Stephanis, L. López Jiménez, J. Blas, G. Tavecchia, D. Preatoni, F. Hiraldo,
NATURE , Vol. 515. Pag. 410-413 (2014)
High beach temperatures increased female-biased primary sex ratios but reduced output of female hatchlings in the leatherback turtle
P. Santidrián Tomillo, D. Oro, F.V. Paladino, R. Piedra, A.E. Sieg, J.R. Spotila
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 176. Pag. 71-79 (2014)
Hierarchical modelling of population growth rate from individual capture–recapture data
S. Tenan, R. Pradel, G. Tavecchia, J.-M. Igual, A. Sanz-Aguilar, M. Genovart, D. Oro
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Pseudomonas aestusnigri sp. nov., isolated from crude oil-contaminated intertidal sand samples after the Prestige oil spill
D. Sánchez, M. Mulet, A.C. Rodríguez, Z. David, J. Lalucat, E. García-Valdés
Ecological networks: Delving into the architecture of biodiversity
R. Heleno, C. Garcia, P. Jordano, A. Traveset, J.M. Gómez, N. Blüthgen, J. Memmott, M. Moora, J. Cerdeira, S. Rodríguez-Echeverría, H. Freitas, J.M. Olesen
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Multidecadal trends in the nesting phenology of Pacific and Atlantic leatherback turtles are associated with population demography
N.J. Robinson, S.E. Valentine, P. Santidrián Tomillo, V.S. Saba, J.R. Spotila, F.V. Paladino
Endangered Species Research , Vol. 24. Pag. 197-206 (2014)