Oceanography and Global Change

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Strong Sensitivity of Red Sea Zooplankton to UV-B Radiation
A. Al-Aidaroos, M. El-Sherbiny, S. Satheesh, G. Mantha, S. Agustī, B. Carreja, C. Duarte
Estuaries and Coasts , Vol. 38. 3 Pag. 846-853 (2015)
Recent improvements in mesoscale characterization of the western Mediterranean Sea: synergy between satellite altimetry and other observational approaches
A. Pascual, J. Bouffard, S. Ruiz, B. Nardelli, E. Vidal-Vijande, R. Escudier, J.M. Sayol, A. Orfila,
SCIENTIA MARINA , Vol. 77. 77 Pag. 19-36 (2013)
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