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Pelagic seascape ecology for operational fisheries oceanography: modelling and predicting spawning distribution of Atlantic bluefin tuna in western ...
Alvarez-Berastegui, D.; Hidalgo, J.M.; Tugores, M.P.; Aparicio, A.; Ciannelli, L.; Reglero, P.; ...
ICES Journal of Marine Scienceabril13 Pag. 2016-(2016)
Glider and satellite high resolution monitoring of a mesoscale eddy in the Algerian basin: effects on the mixed layer depth and biochemistry
Cotroneo, Y.; Aulicino, G.; Ruiz,S.; Pascual, A.; Budillon, G.; Fusco, G.; Tintorè, J.
Journal of Marine Systems11 Pag. 1-12(2016)