Project details

Name:Developing a Knowledge Network for EUropean expertise on biodiversity and ecosystem services to inform policy making economic sectors (

Knowledge about biodiversity and ecosystem services is well advanced in the European scientific community,
as demonstrated by many excellent projects and their scientific impact. However, on the global as well as the
European scale, there is a failure to communicate the knowledge gained into the policy-making process and
society as a whole. Such communication efforts, must ensure that all relevant knowledge is accessible and that
all existing biodiversity research communities and other knowledge holders are involved in a network structure
that is linked to decision making bodies.
The overall objective of the project is thus to develop a recommended design for a scientific biodiversity Network
of Knowledge (NoK) to inform policy-makers and other societal actors. This network shall be open, transparent,
flexible, equally accessible to all, independent, be scientifically- and evidence-based and have a robust structure.
It will develop links to relevant clients to support the science-society interface in Europe and beyond.
To achieve this, the project brings together expertise from all major biodiversity research fields (in the consortium
and beyond). Beginning with mapping the biodiversity knowledge landscape in Europe (WP1), the project will
develop a prototype NoK, involving a wide number of institutions and networks in biodiversity research and policy
(WP2). This prototype will then be used as a vehicle to carry out case studies in relevant policy fields (agriculture,
biodiversity conservation, marine issues) in order to test and trial its functioning and effectiveness (WP3). The
experience gained will be evaluated by an additional expert group within the project (WP4) in order to provide
input for developing a recommended design for a potential future Network of Knowledge (WP5). WP6 takes care
of project management, and will ensure international cooperation and the proper communication with potential
clients of the network and the research community.