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Autor(es):G. Tavecchia, Miranda M.-A., D. Borras, M. Bengoa, C. Barceló, C. Paredes-Esquivel, C. Schwarz
Título:Modelling the range expansion of the Tiger Mosquito in a Mediterranean Island accounting for imperfect detection
Revista:Frontiers in Zoology
JCR Impact Factor:2.781
Resumen:Species range expansion is of central importance in conservation and epidemiological
studies. We used site-occupancy models to account for false negative detections to
estimate prevalence, turnover and growth rate of the tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus in
seventeen sites throughout Mallorca Island. Site-occupancy probability increased from
0.35 in the 2012, year of first reported observation of the species, to 0.89 in 2015.
Despite a steady increase in mosquitos’ presence, the extinction probability was
generally high indicating a high turnover in the occupied sites. Furthermore, we
considered two site-dependent covariates, namely the distance from the point of first
observation and the estimated yearly occupancy rate in the neighborhood, as predicted
by diffusion models. Results suggested that mosquito distribution during the first year
was consistent with what predicted by simple diffusion models, but was not consistent
with the diffusion model in subsequent years. Assuming a single initial event of
colonization, the estimated distribution was more consistent with leapfrog dispersal
movements in subsequent years.

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