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Autor(es):E. Michael, M. Gomila, J. lalucat, Y. Nitzan, I. Pechatnikov, Jahan R
Título:Proteomic assessment of the expression of genes related to toluene catabolism and porin synthesis in Pseudomonas stutzeri ST-9
Resumen:The organization and expression of Pseudomonas stutzeri ST-9 genes related to toluene catabolism and porin synthesis was investigated. Toluene-degrading genes were found to be localized in the chromosome close to a phage-type integrase. A regulatory gene and 21 genes related to an aromatics degradation pathway are organized as a putative operon. These proteins are upregulated in the presence of toluene. Fourteen outer membrane proteins were identified as porins in the ST-9 genome. The identified porins showed that the main detected porins are related to the OmpA and OprD superfamilies. The percentage of porins in the outer membrane protein fraction, as determined by mass spectrometry, was 73% and 54% when the cells were cultured with toluene and with glucose, respectively. Upregulation of OmpA and downregulation of OprD occurred in the presence of toluene. A porin fraction (90% OprD) from both cultures was isolated and examined as a toluene uptake system using the liposome-swelling assay. Liposomes were prepared with the porin fraction from a culture that was grown on toluene (T-proteoliposome) or glucose (G-proteoliposome). There was no significant difference in the permeability rate of the different solutes through the T-proteoliposome and the G-proteoliposome.

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