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Author(s):P.L. Reynolds, J.J. Stachowicz, K. Hovel, C. Boström, K.E. Boyer, M. Cusson, J.S. Eklöf, F.J. Engel, A.H. Engelen, B.K. Eriksson, J.N. Griffin, C. Hereu, M. Hori, T. Hanley, Ivanov. M., P. Jorgensen, C. Kruschel, K.S. Lee, K. McGlathery, P.O. Moksnes, M. Nakaoka, M.I. O'Connor, N. O'Connor, R.J. Orth, F. Rossi, J. Ruesink, E. Sotka, F. Tomas, R.K.F. Unsworth, M.A. Whalen, J.E. Duffy
Title:Latitude, temperature and habitat complexity predict predation pressure in eelgrass beds across the Northern Hemisphere
JCR Impact Factor:4.809
D.O.I.:doi: 10.1002/ecy.2064

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