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Author(s):M. María. Rincón, I. A. Catalán, S. Mäntyniemi, D. Macías, J. Ruiz
Title:Embedding the effect of environmental conditions on recruitment and survival of the European anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus): a Bayesian model with dual-time resolution
Abstract:Many studies underscore
the importance of incorporating the
effect of environmental data within
a life-history-stage–specific framework
for determining the recruitment
and survival of small pelagic
fish. The recruitment of anchovy
(Engraulis encrasicolus) in the Gulf
of Cádiz (NE Atlantic) is sensitive
to the effect of intense easterlies,
stratification of the water column,
and discharges from the Guadalquivir
River on early life stages. As a
proof of concept, we have developed
the basis for a new Bayesian
model with a dual time step resolution:
monthly for juveniles and
adults, and weekly for earlier life
stages. This dual time step resolution
resolves environmental effects
on prerecruits while simulating the
effect of fishing on recruits. Our estimates
for juvenile abundances are
validated with field data. The Bayesian
framework accounts for the uncertainty,
thus providing consistent
length-frequency estimates and a
plausible environmentally driven
stock-recruitment relationship.

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