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Author(s):Margarita. Gomila, Eduardo. Moralejo, Antonio. Busquets, Guillem. Segui, Diego. Olmo, Alicia. Nieto, Andreu. Juan, Jorge. Lalucat
Title:Draft Genome Resources of Two Strains of Xylella fastidiosa XYL1732/17 and XYL2055/17 Isolated from Mallorca Vineyards
Abstract: Xylella fastidiosa is a plant-pathogenic bacterium that causes serious diseases in many crops of economic importance and is a quarantine organism in the European Union. This study reports a de novo-assembled draft genome sequence of the first isolates causing Pierce’s disease in Europe: X. fastidiosa subsp. fastidiosa strains XYL1732/17 and XYL2055/17. Both strains were isolated from grapevines (Vitis vinifera) showing Pierce’s disease symptoms at two different locations in Mallorca, Spain. The XYL1732/17 genome is 2,444,109 bp long, with a G+C content of 51.5\%; it contains 2,359 open reading frames and 48 tRNA genes. The XYL2055/17 genome is 2,456,780 bp long, with a G+C content of 51.5\%; it contains 2,384 open reading frames and 48 tRNA genes.

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