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Absence of blood parasitization effects on lesser kestrel fitness
J.L. Tella, M.G. Forero, A. Gajón, J.A. Donázar, F. Hiraldo
AUK , Vol. 113. Pag. 253-256 (1996)
Synchronization Transitions in a Disordered Josephson Series Array
K. Wiesenfeld, P. Colet, S. H. Strogatz
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS , Vol. 76. Pag. 404-407 (1996)
Mode Competition in a Fabry Perot Semiconductor Laser:Travelling Wave Model with Asymmetric Dynamical Gain
M. Homar, S. Balle, M. San Miguel
OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS , Vol. 131. Pag. 380-390 (1996)
Is the expression of male traits in female lesser kestrels related to sexual selection?
J.L. Tella, M.G. Forero, J.A. Donázar, F. Hiraldo
ETHOLOGY , Vol. 103. Pag. 72-81 (1996)
Can the interspecific competition and nest site availability explain the decrease of lesser kestrel populations?
M.G. Forero, J.L. Tella, J.A. Donázar, F. Hiraldo
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 78. Pag. 289-293 (1996)
Differences between diet of adult and chick Audouin's Gull Larus audouinii at the Chafarinas Islands, SW Mediterranean
ORNIS FENNICA , Vol. 73. Pag. 124-130 (1996)

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