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Nonlinear Three-Wave Interaction Description for a Global Drift Wave Turbulence
A. C. Sicardi Schifino, R. Montagne Dugros
PHYSICA SCRIPTA , Vol. 47. Pag. 244- (1993)
Parametric Dependence of Stochastic Frequency Variations in the Gain-Swtiching of a Single-Mode Laser Diode
S. Balle, N. B. Abraham, P. Colet, M. San Miguel
Fluctuations and Pattern Selection Near an Eckhaus Instability
E. Hernández-García, J. Viñals, R. Toral, M. San Miguel
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS , Vol. 70. Pag. 3576-3579 (1993)
Anticipation of the Switch-Off and Delay of the Switch-On of a Laser with a Sweeping Parameter
D. Bromley, E. J. D'Angelo, H. Grassi, C. Mathis, J. R. Tredicce, S. Balle
OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS , Vol. 99. Pag. 65-70 (1993)
Periodically Kicked Hard Oscillators
G. A. Cecchi, D. L. González, M. O. Magnasco, G. B. Mindlin, O. Piro, A. J. Santillán
CHAOS , Vol. 3. Pag. 51- (1993)
La fauna fòssil de la Cova den Jaume Orat (Parroquia d’Albarca, Sant Antoni de Portmany, Eivissa)
M. McMinn, C.R. Altaba, J.A. Alcover
Endins , Vol. 19. Pag. 49-54 (1993)
Semiconductor Lasers with Weak Optical Feedback: Spectral Properties and Frequency Dependent Lasers
M. Homar, M. San Miguel, S. Balle
OPTICS LETTERS , Vol. 18. Pag. 1329-1331 (1993)
Analytical Results of the Switch-on Time Statistics in DFB Laser Diodes Driven by ShortTriangular Pulses
S. Balle, C. R. Mirasso, A. Sapia, P. Spano
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS , Vol. 63. Pag. 1721- (1993)
Encendido del láser y detección de señales inyectadas en láseres semiconductores
M. C. Torrent, S. Balle
Optica Pura y Aplicada , Vol. 26. Pag. 878- (1993)
Interface Roughening with a Time-Varying External Driving Force
E. Hernández-García, T. Ala-Nissila, M. Grant
Europhysics Letters , Vol. 21. Pag. 401-406 (1993)

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