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Characteristics of fleshy fruits in Southeast Alaska. Phylogenetic comparison with fruits from Illinois.
A. Traveset, M.F. and Verdú. Willson
ECOGRAPHY , Vol. 27. Pag. 41-48 (1985)
Local Perceptions of Tourism as Indicators of Destination Decline.
A. Diedrich, E. García
Tourism Management Pag. - (1985)
Leaf age-related changes in respiratory pathways are dependent on complex I activity in Nicotiana sylvestris
P. Priault, G. Vidal, R. De Paepe, M. Ribas-Carbó
PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM , Vol. 129. Pag. 152-162 (1985)
Mesophyll conductance to CO2: current knowledge and future prospects.
J. Flexas, M. Ribas-Carbó, A. Díaz-Espejo, J. Galmés, H. Medrano
PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT , Vol. 31. Pag. 602-621 (1985)
Photoprotection processes under water stress and recovery in Mediterranean plants with different growth forms and leaf habits.
J. Galmés, A. Abadía, J. Cifre, H. Medrano, J. Flexas
PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM , Vol. 130. Pag. 495-510 (1985)
De la ecología de poblaciones y comunidades a la de ecosistemas: avances recientes y futuros desafíos
A. Traveset, L. Santamaría, F. y Vilà. Valladares
Ecosistemas , Vol. 13. Pag. 1-9 (1985)
Characterization of the anticipated synchronization regime in the coupled FitzHugh--Nagumo model for neurons
R. Toral, C. Masoller, C. Mirasso, M. Ciszak, O. Calvo
Picophytoplankton cell death induced by UV radiation: Evidence for oceanic Atlantic communities
M. Llabrés, S. Agustí
LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY , Vol. 51. Pag. 21-29 (1985)
Diet and feeding habits of dolphin-fish (Coryphaena hippurus) in Western Mediterranean waters
E. Massutí, Deudero S., Sánchez P., Morales-Nin B
BULLETIN OF MARINE SCIENCE , Vol. 63(2). Pag. 329-341 (1985)
Male-biased herbivory in the dioecious Rhamnus ludovici-salvatoris
A. Traveset, Verdú. , N. Riera, J.M. Gúlias
ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH , Vol. submitted. Pag. 0- (1985)

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