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Response of leaf respiration to water stress in Mediterranean species with different growth forms
J. Galmes, M. Ribas-Carbó, H. Medrano, J. Flexas
Mesophyll conductance to CO2: current knowledge and future prospects.
J. Flexas, M. Ribas-Carbó, A. Díaz-Espejo, J. Galmés, H. Medrano
PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT , Vol. 31. Pag. 602-621 (1985)
Diet of early stages of albacore Thunnus alalunga (Bonnaterre, 1788) off Mallorca Island (NW Mediterranean)
Ignacio A. Catalán, Francisco. Alemany, A. Morillas, Beatriz. Morales-Nin
SCIENTIA MARINA , Vol. In press. Pag. - (1985)
Male-biased herbivory in the dioecious Rhamnus ludovici-salvatoris
A. Traveset, Verdú. , N. Riera, J.M. Gúlias
ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH , Vol. submitted. Pag. 0- (1985)
Photosynthesis and photoprotection responses to water stress in the wild-extinct plant Lysimachia minoricensis
J. Galmés, A. Abadía, H. Medrano, J. Flexas
JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY , Vol. 60. Pag. 308-317 (1985)
De la ecología de poblaciones y comunidades a la de ecosistemas: avances recientes y futuros desafíos
A. Traveset, L. Santamaría, F. y Vilà. Valladares
Ecosistemas , Vol. 13. Pag. 1-9 (1985)
Fish communities associated with FADs
Deudero S., Merella P., Morales-Nin B., Massutí E., Alemany F
SCIENTIA MARINA , Vol. 63(3-4). Pag. 199-207 (1985)
Picophytoplankton cell death induced by UV radiation: Evidence for oceanic Atlantic communities
M. Llabrés, S. Agustí
LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY , Vol. 51. Pag. 21-29 (1985)

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