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Toward an integrated HF radar network in the Mediterranean Sea to improve search and rescue and oil spill response: the TOSCA project experience
L. Bellomo, S. Cosoli, P. Falco, R. Gerin, I. Iermano, A. Kalampokis, Z. Kokkini, A. Lana, M. G. Magaldi, G. Mamoutos, C. Mantovani, J. Marmain, E. Potiris, J.M. Sayol, Y. Barbin, M. Berta, M. Borghini, L. Corgnati, Q. Dagneaux, J. Gaggelli, A. Griffa, P. Guterman, A. Mazzoldi, A. Molcard, A. Orfila, P.-M. Poulain, C. Quentin, J. Tintoré, M. Uttieri, A. Vetrano, E. Zambianchi, V. Zervakis
Journal of Operational Oceanography , Vol. 8. 2 Pag. 1-13 (2015)
Microalgae scatter off solid surfaces by hydrodynamic and contact forces
M. Contino, E. Lushi, I. Tuval, V. Kantsler, M. Polin
Physical Review Letters , Vol. 115. 25 Pag. 258102- (2015)
Global analysis of the effect of local climate on the hatchling output of leatherback turtles
M.P. Santidrian Tomillo, V.S. Saba, C.D. Lombard, J.M. Valiulis, N.J. Robinson, F.V. Paladino, J.R. Spotila, C. Fernández, M.L. Rivas, J. Tucek, R. Nel, D. Oro
Scientific Reports , Vol. 5. Pag. 16789- (2015)
JSpeciesWS: a web server for prokaryotic species circumscription based on pairwise genome comparison
M. Richter, R. Rossello-Mora, F. Oliver Glöckner, J. Peplies
Bioinformatics , Vol. 32. 6 Pag. 929-931 (2015)
Dissolved organic nitrogen inputs from wastewater treatment plant effluents increase responses of planktonic metabolic rates to warming.
R. Vaquer Sunyer, D.J. Conley, S. Muthusamy, M.V. Lindh, J. Pinhassi, E.S. Kritzberg
Environmental Science & Technology , Vol. 49. Pag. 11411-11420 (2015)
Resistance of juveniles of the Mediterranean pen shell, (Pinna nobilis) to hypoxia and interaction with warming
L. Basso, I. Hendriks, A. Steckbauer, C. Duarte
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science , Vol. 165. Pag. 199-203 (2015)
Differences in growth and survival between cod Gadus morhua and herring Clupea harengus early stages co-reared at variable prey concentrations
A. Folkvord, K. W. Vollset, I.A. Catalán
Journal of Fish Biology , Vol. 87. 5 Pag. 1176-1190 (2015)
Pseudomonas alkylphenolica sp. Nov., A bacterial species able to form special aerial structures when grown on p-cresol
M. Mulet, D. Sánchez, J. Lalucat, K. Lee, E. García-Valdés
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology , Vol. 65. 11 Pag. 4013-4018 (2015)
MED-CORDEX initiative for Mediterranean Climate studies
Ruti PM., Somot S., Giorgi F., Dubois C., Flaounas E., Obermann A., Dell’Aquila A., Pisacane G., Harzallah A., Lombardi E., Ahrens B., Akhtar N., Alias A., Arsouze T., Aznar R., Bastin S., Bartholy J., Béranger K., Beuvier J., Bouffies-Cloché S., Brauch J., Cabos W., Calmanti S., Calvet J-C., Carillo A., Conte D., Coppola E., Djurdjevic V., Drobinski P., Elizalde-Arellano A., Gaertner M., Galàn P., Gallardo C., Gualdi S., Goncalves M., Jorba O., Jordà G., L'Heveder B., Lebeaupin-Brossier C., Li L., Liguori G., Lionello P., Maciàs D., Nabat P., Onol B., Raikovic B., Ramage K., Sevault F., Sannino G., MV Struglia., Sanna A., Torma C., Vervatis V
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society , Vol. 1. 1 Pag. 1-20 (2015)
Spatial and temporal variations of the seasonal sea level cycle in the northwest Pacific
X. Feng, M.N. Tsimplis, M. Marcos, F.M. Calafat, J. Zheng, G. Jordà, P. Cipollini
Journal of Geophysical Research , Vol. 120. 10 Pag. 7091-7112 (2015)
Archiving primary data: solutions for long-term studies
J.A. Mills, C. Teplitisky, A. Charmantier, P. Arcese, T.R. Birkhead, P. Bize, D. Blumstein, C. Bonenfant, A. Bushuev, E. Cam, A. Cockburn, J.C. Coulson, F. Daunt, N. Dingemanse, H. Drummond, R.H.M. Espie, M. Festa-Bianchet, F. Frentiu, J.W. Fitzpatrick, D. Garant, T.J. Gaston, P.R. Grant, M. Griesser, L. Gustafsson, M.P. Harris, J. Linnell, F. Jiguet, B. Kempenaers, P. Kjellander, W.D. Koenig, E. Korpimäki, Ch. Krebs, L. Lens, B. Arroyo, M. Low, A. Margalida, A.P. Møller, S. Nakagawa, B. Nansson, J.-A. Nilsson, I.C.T. Nisbet, A. van Noordwijk, D. Oro, C. Packer, T. Pärt, F. Pelletier, J. Potti, B. Pujol, D. Reale, R.F. Rockwell, Y. Ropert-Coudert, A. Roulin, J.S. Sedinger, J. Swenson, M.E. Visser, D.F. Westneat, N.T. Wheelwright, A. Wilson, A. Zedrosser
Trends in Ecology & Evolution , Vol. 30. 10 Pag. 1- (2015)
The use of calcified tissues as tools to support management: the view from the 5th International Otolith Symposium
B. Morales-Nin, A.J. Geffen
ICES Journal of Marine Science , Vol. 72. 2 Pag. 2073-2078 (2015)
Seagrass Herbivory Levels Sustain Site-Fidelity in a Remnant Dugong Population
Elrika. D’Souza, Vardhan. Patankar, Rohan. Arthur, Núria. Marbà, Alcoverro Teresa
PLoS ONE , Vol. 10. Pag. 1-18 (2015)
The unpredictable characteristics of the localities where new Iberian species will be discovered
Ana Payo-Payo , Jorge M. Lobo
Diversity and Distributions , Vol. 22. 8 Pag. 73-82 (2015)
Responses of seagrass to anthropogenic and natural disturbances do not equally translate to its consumers.
F. Tomas, B. Martínez-Crego, G. Hernan, R. Santos
Global Change Biology , Vol. 21. Pag. 4021-4030 (2015)
Are edge bird populations doomed to extinction: A response to Munilla et al.
A. Martínez-Abraín
Biological Conservation , Vol. 191. Pag. 843-844 (2015)
Prokaryotic microbiota in the digestive cavity of the jellyfish Cotylorhiza tuberculata
S. Cortés-Lara, M. Urdiain, M. Mora-Ruiz, L. Prieto, R. Rosselló-Móra
Systematic and Applied Microbiology , Vol. 38. 7 Pag. 494-500 (2015)
The effect of oil spills on the bacterial diversity and catabolic function in coastal sediments: a case study on the Prestige oil spill
A. Acosta-González, S-M. Martirani-von Abercron, R. Rosselló-Móra, R-M. Wittich, S. Marqués
Environmental Science and Pollution Research , Vol. 22. 20 Pag. 15200-15214 (2015)
Dissolved organic carbon pools and export from the coastal ocean
C. Barrõn, C.M. Duarte
Global Biogeochemical Cycles , Vol. 29. 10 Pag. 1725-1738 (2015)
Surface distribution of dissolved trace metals in the oligotrophic ocean and their influence on phytoplankton biomass and productivity
P. Pinedo-González, A.J. West, A. Tovar-Sánchez, C.M. Duarte, E. Marañõn, P. Cermeño, N. González, C. Sobrino, M. Huete-Ortega, A. Fernández, D.C. Lõpez-Sandoval, M. Vidal, D. Blasco, M. Estrada, S.A. Sañudo-Wilhelmy
Global Biogeochemical Cycles , Vol. 29. 10 Pag. 1763-1781 (2015)

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