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Water mass pathways to the North Atlantic Oxygen Minimum Zone
J. Peña-Izquierdo, E. Van Sebille, J. L. Pelegrí, J. Sprintall, E. Mason, F. Machín
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How relevant are recreational fisheries? Motivation and activity of resident and tourist anglers in Majorca
B. Morales-Nin, F. Cardona-Pons, F. Maynou, A.M. Grau
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The influence of sediment sources on radium-derived estimates of Submarine Groundwater Discharge
V. Rodellas, J. Garcia-Orellana, P. Masqué, J.S. Font-Muñoz
Marine Chemistry , Vol. 171. Pag. 107-117 (2015)
Plastic Accumulation in the Mediterranean Sea
Andrés Cózar, Marina Sanz-Martín, Elisa Martí, J. Ignacio González-Gordillo, Bárbara Ubeda, José Á. Gálvez, Xabier Irigoien, Carlos M. Duarte
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SOCIB Continuous Observations Of Ibiza Channel Using HF Radar
A. Lana, V. Fernández, J. Tintoré
Sea Technology , Vol. 56. 3 Pag. 31-34 (2015)
Estimation of cold pool areas and chilling hours through satellite-derived surface temperatures
M.A. Jimenez, A. Ruiz, J. Cuxart
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology , Vol. 207. Pag. 58-68 (2015)
Testing hypotheses on distribution shifts and changes in phenology of imperfectly detectable species
T. Chambert, W.L. Kendall, J. E. Hines, J.D. Nichols, P. Pedrini, J. H. Waddle, G. Tavecchia, S. C. Walls, S. Tenan
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Microscale Patches of Nonmotile Phytoplankton
J. Arrieta, A. Barreira, I. Tuval
Physical Review Letters , Vol. 114. 12 Pag. 128102- (2015)
Historical Isolation of the Galápagos Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa darwini) despite Strong Flight Capability and Ecological Amplitude
P. Vargas, B. Rumeu, R. Heleno, A. Traveset, M. Nogales
PLoS ONE , Vol. 10. 3 Pag. 1-13 (2015)
Ibamar database: Four decades of sampling on the western mediterranean sea
A. Aparicio-González, J.L. López-Jurado, R. Balbín, J.C. Alonso, B. Amengual, J. Jansá, M.C. García, F. Moyá, R. Santiago
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Phylogenomics and systematics in Pseudomonas
Gomila M, Peña A, Mulet M, Lalucat J, García-Valdés E
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APHIS: a new software for photo-matching in ecological studies
Ó. Moya, P.-L. Mansilla, S. Madrazo, J.M. Igual, A. Rotger, G. Tavecchia
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Surface mesoscale pico-nanoplankton patterns at the main fronts of the Alboran Sea
P. León, J.M. Blanco, M.M. Flexas, D. Gomis, A. Reul, V. Rodríguez, F. Jiménez-Gómez, J. T. Allen, J. Rodríguez,
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Bird-flower visitation networks in the Galápagos unveil a widespread interaction release
A. Traveset, J.M. Olesen, M. Nogales, P. Vargas, P. Jaramillo, E. Antolín, M.M. Trigo, R. Heleno
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La fauna de les coves anquialines
D. Jaume
L'Atzavara , Vol. 25. Pag. 81-92 (2015)
Reliability of uncertainty estimates from climate projection ensembles
Josep Llasses, Gabriel Jordà, Damià Gomis
Journal of Black Sea and Mediterranean Environment , Vol. MedCLIVAR Special Issue. Pag. 21-24 (2015)
Skills of different hydrographic networks in capturing changes in the Mediterranean Sea at climate scales
Llasses J., Jordà G., Gomis D
Climate Research , Vol. 63. 1 Pag. 1-18 (2015)
Mediterranean Sea response to climate change in an ensemble of 21st century scenarios
F. Adloff, Somot S., Sevault F., Jordà G., Aznar R., Déqué M., Herrmann H, Marcos M, Dubois C, Padorno E, Álvarez-Fanjul E., Gomis D
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Beyond species loss: extinction of interactions in a changing world
A. Valiente-Banuet, M.A. Aizen, J.M. Alcántara, J. Arroyo, A. Cocucci, M. Galetti, M.B. García, D. García, J.M. Gómez, P. Jordano, R. Medel, L. Navarro, J.R. Obeso, R. Oviedo, N. Ramírez, P.J. Rey, A. Traveset, M. Verdú, R. Zamora
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Microbial diversity and dynamics of a groundwater and a still bottled natural mineral water
L. França, A. Lopéz-Lopéz, R. Rosselló-Móra, M.S. Da Costa
Environmental Microbiology , Vol. 17. 3 Pag. 577-593 (2015)

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