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Species-environment interactions changed by introduced herbivores in an oceanic high-mountain ecosystem
J. Seguí, M. López-Darias, A. Pérez, M. Nogales, A. Traveset
AoB Plants , Vol. 9. 1 Pag. 1-16 (2017)
Genome Sequences of Two Naphthalene-degrading Strains of Pseudomonas balearica, Isolated from Polluted Marine Sediment and from an Oil Refinery Site
Francisco Salvà, Serra Hedvig Jakobsson, Antonio Busquets, Margarita Gomila, Daniel Jaén-Luchoro, Carolina Seguí, Francisco Aliaga-Lozano, Elena García-Valdés, Jorge Lalucat, Edward Moore, Antonio Bennasar-Figueras
Genome Announcements , Vol. 5. 14 Pag. 116-117 (2017)
Satellite Altimetry-Based Sea Level at Global and Regional Scales
M. Ablain, J. Legeais, P. Prandi, M. Marcos, L. Fenoglio-Marc, H. Dieng, J. Benveniste, A. Cazenave
SURVEYS IN GEOPHYSICS , Vol. 38. 1 Pag. 7-31 (2017)
Effects of UVB radiation on net community production in the upper global ocean
L. Garcia-Corral, J. Holding, P. Carrillo-de-Albornoz, A. Steckbauer, M. Pérez-Lorenzo, N. Navarro, P. Serret, C. Duarte, S. Agusti
GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY , Vol. 26. 1 Pag. 54-64 (2017)
Secondary nesting beaches for leatherback turtles on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica
P. Santidrián-Tomillo, N. Robinson, L. Fonseca, W. Quirós-Pereira, R. Arauz, M. Beange, R. Piedra, E. Vélez, F. Paladino, J. Spotila, B. Wallace
Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research , Vol. 45. 3 Pag. 563-571 (2017)
Internal Variability Versus Anthropogenic Forcing on Sea Level and Its Components
M. Marcos, B. Marzeion, S. Dangendorf, A. Slangen, H. Palanisamy, L. Fenoglio-Marc
SURVEYS IN GEOPHYSICS , Vol. 38. 1 Pag. 329-348 (2017)
Effects of TiO2 nanoparticles and sunscreens on coastal marine microalgae: Ultraviolet radiation is key variable for toxicity assessment
M. Sendra, D. Sánchez-Quiles, J. Blasco, I. Moreno-Garrido, L. Lubián, S. Pérez-García, A. Tovar-Sánchez
ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL , Vol. 98. Pag. 62-68 (2017)
Uncommonly isolated clinical Pseudomonas: identification and phylogenetic assignation
M. Mulet, M. Gomila, A. Ramírez, Cardew S., Moore ERB, Lalucat J, García-Valdés E
Spatial variation in shark-inflicted injuries to Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) of the southwestern Indian Ocean
M. Heithaus, J. Kiszka, A. Cadinouche, V. Dulau-Drouot, V. Boucaud, S. Pérez-Jorge, I. Webster
MARINE MAMMAL SCIENCE , Vol. 33. 1 Pag. 335-341 (2017)
Estimating harvest and its uncertainty in heterogeneous recreational fisheries.
M. Cabanellas-Reboredo, M. Palmer, J. Alós, B. Morales-Nin
FISHERIES RESEARCH , Vol. 188. 1 Pag. 100-111 (2017)
Fast and behavior-selective exploitation of a marine fish targeted by anglers
J. Alós, M. Palmer, R. Rosselló, R. Arlinghaus
Scientific Reports , Vol. 6. 38093 Pag. 1-13 (2016)
Long photoperiods sustain high pH in Arctic kelp forests
Dorte. Krause-Jensen, Núria. Marbà, Marina. Sanz-Martin, Iris E. Hendriks, Jakob. Thyrring, Jacob. Carstensen, Mikael Kristian. Sejr, Carlos M. Duarte
Science Advances , Vol. 2. 12 Pag. 1501938- (2016)
Reserva Ecológica Arenillas ¿ un refugio de diversidad biológica o una isla de extinción?
Carlos Ivan. Espinosa, Andrea. Jara-Guerrero, Rodrigo. Cisneros, Juan-Diego. Sotomayor, Gema. Escribano-Ávila
Ecosistemas , Vol. 25. 2 Pag. 5-12 (2016)
Effects of the 2015 heat wave on benthic invertebrates in the Tabarca Marine Protected Area (southeast Spain)
E. Rubio-Portillo, A. Izquierdo-Muñoz, J.F. Gago, R. Rosselló-Mora, J. Antón, A.A. Ramos-Esplá
MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH , Vol. 122. Pag. 135-142 (2016)
El bosque seco neotropical de la provincia Ecuatoriana: un pequeño gran desconocido.
Gema. Escribano-Avila
Ecosistemas , Vol. 25. 2 Pag. 1-4 (2016)
Seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) seedlings in a high-CO2 world: from physiology to herbivory
Gema Hernán, Laura Ramajo, Lorena Basso, Antonio Delgado, Jorge Terrados, Carlos M. Duarte, Fiona Tomas
Scientific Reports , Vol. 6. 38017 Pag. 1-12 (2016)
Long term evolution of heat budget in the Mediterranean Sea from Med-CORDEX forced and coupled simulations
Harzallah Ali, Gabriel Jordà, Clotilde Dubois, Gianmaria Sannino, Adriana Carillo, Laurent Li, Thomas Arsouze, Leone Cavicchia, Jonathan Beuvier, Naveed Akhtar
CLIMATE DYNAMICS , Vol. 1. 1 Pag. 1-15 (2016)
Heat and salt redistribution within the Mediterranean Sea in the Med-CORDEX model ensemble.
Llasses J., Jordà G., Gomis D., Adloff F., Macías D., Harzallah A., Arsouze T. Akthar N., Li L., Elizalde A., Sannino G
CLIMATE DYNAMICS Pag. 1-15 (2016)

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