Stony Brook Parallel Ocean Model

New releases info

  • 10-Sep-2011: New sbPOM version including support for large files (greater than 2 Gb) and 4th order pressure gradient scheme (see parameter npg in pom.nml). In addition, results are now identical (to the last bit) to the sequential POM. You can download the new version for the three test cases (seamount, shallowtide, and ecoast) from the codes page.
  • 7-May-2010: New sbPOM test case for the East coast of U.S.
  • 21-Mar-2010: New sbPOM test case for tides in a shallow basin.
  • 10-Mar-2009: First realese of sbPOM test case for a seamount

    Antoni JordiIMEDEA (UIB-CSIC)