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Dv 10th maig
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Establishing root systems in rhizome fragments of Posidonia oceanica presents a significant challenge for its restoration. Rhizome fragments of this slow-growing seagrass require robust rooting for successful anchorage and nutrient absorption from the environment. Controlled experiments have demonstrated that the use of plant growth regulators, such as the auxins α-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA) and indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), stimulates rooting in P. oceanica cuttings. However, this effect has not been tested in a marine environment. In this study, rhizome fragments were exposed to varying concentrations of NAA and IBA for 24 hours before transplanting into a dead matte area in the Bay of Pollensa (Mallorca, Spain). After one year, all fragments survived; however, contrary to expectations, no significant differences emerged in the growth and biomass of roots, rhizomes (orthotropic and plagiotropic), and leaves between treated and untreated fragments. This implies that applying auxins to P. oceanica rhizome fragments may not offer an advantage when rooting transplants in the marine environment. Future studies should explore how other environmental conditions can influence rooting and interactions with auxin effects over time.



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