New contribution to the understanding of the Mediterranean Sea


Researchers at IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) have contributed to a new book “Oceanography of the Mediterranean Sea: An Introductory Guide” recently published by Elsevier. The publication provides a comprehensive but concise introduction to the physical oceanography of one of the most fascinating marginal seas, the Mediterranean Sea.

The book is primarily focused on a state-of-the-art understanding of the physical functioning of the Mediterranean Sea, while also embracing the fundamentals of the associated biogeochemical and chemical processes. Written by teams of scientists that have been active over many years in the Mediterranean, the book provides a broad overview of the  fundamentals of Mediterranean physical oceanography. It is aimed towards students in oceanography, climate science, marine geology and chemistry, or scientists unfamiliar with the region.

In this context, an IMEDEA team made up of Evan MasonBàrbara BarcelóAntonio Sanchez-RomanDaniel Tarry, Eugenio CutoloSimón RuizAntoine Delepoulle and Ananda Pascual focus on the understanding of Mediterranean Sea fronts, eddies, and mesoscale circulation in Chapter 8

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