Proyectos de Victor Vilarrasa Riaño
Procesos acoplados de flujo multifásico, transporte y deformación mecánica en medios heterogéneos porosos y fracturados a distintas escalas
[Cod. PID2022-137652NB-C44 HydroPore II]
Carbon dioxide (CO2) Storage In deep volcaNic areas
[Cod. 101113523 CO2SINk]
Safe underground Hydrogen storage IN porous subsurface rEservoirs
[Cod. 101073271 SHINE]
MultidiSciplinary and MultIscale approach for coupLed processes induced by geo-Energies
[Cod. 101073281 SMILE]
Seismic Hazard Assessment from historical and instrumental earthquaKE catalogs for low- and middle-income countries
[Cod. UCRAN20089 SHAKE]
predictinG EaRthquakES induced by fluid injecTion
[Cod. 801809 GEoREST]