A researcher at IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) in the European Geosciences Union

  • Dr. Ananda Pascual has been named secretary of the division of marine science for the section of operational oceanography and instrumentation

Mallorca, 5th July  2012. The European Geosciences Union (EGU, for its acronym in english) has appointed during his recent annual general meeting the new members of its divisions. The event, held from 22-27 April in Vienna, has been conducted for several years in the same place (Austria Center Vienna) and this year has now reached 11,275 scientists from 95 countries, according to the report of the organization.

Dr. Ananda Pascual Ascaso deal for 4 years as secretary of the Marine Sciences Division, working with the president of the division and three secretaries, for the management of the organization of the annual meeting, participation in committees prizes, and with regard to counseling to address specific questions raised by the Union.

The European Geosciences Union is the leading European organization in the field of geoscience. Its objectives pursued scientific excellence in both earth science and space. The EGU publishes 14 open access journals and organizes a series of thematic meetings and education and outreach activities. Its event highlight is the General Assembly, an annual conference that brings together more than 10,000 scientists from around the world. The sessions of the meeting covered a wide range of topics, such as volcanology, planetary exploration, the internal structure of the Earth and the atmosphere, climate change and marine sciences.

Dr. Ananda Pascual Ascaso is scientific holder in the Department of Marine Technologies, Operational Oceanography and Sustainability in the IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB). She has participated in 25 research projects (12 European), has directed a doctoral thesis and has a total of 43 scientific publications in the field with marine dynamics, remote sensing and satellite oceanography. Dr. Pascual has presented over 100 papers at conferences.

Currently the research group led by Prof. Joachim Tintoré, develops and, in some cases, coordinates 5 major European research projects: MyOcean2, PERSEUS, GROOM, JERICHO and TOSC.