Seminar: Reconstruction of an oceanic flow using satellite observations

  • Speaker: Marina Durán, IGE, Grenoble, Francia.







Esporles, March 9, 2018. During the last decade, the availability of high resolution observations of the ocean has significantly increased. The amount of observed information from satellites is large, and it is necessary to identify effective techniques to treat and to generate surface maps of the ocean dynamics.


We work here in a data/image assimilation framework: our objective is to reconstruct the dynamics in the upper oceanic layer with good precision using satellite observations.



To do so, we implement a two-step method that uses different observations of the sea surface.



The first step consists of applying the SEEK filter, which is a data assimilation technique, to carry out a first linear correction of the flow. In this first analysis we use an observation from altimetry and we study its impact on the analysis: one of these observations is the future SWOT observation.



The second step uses an image assimilation method (Gaultier et al., 2012) to correct the location of the main dynamical structure. This main dynamical structure is obtained by the computation of the Lyapunov exponents.


The method is explored in an idealized case study where synthetic observations are used (Duran-Moro et al, 2017).



The method provides a correction in the vertical and also corrects non-observed variables. A probabilistic approach allows to study the evolution of the incertitudes associated to the




Date and Time: Friday, March 9, 9:30-10:30h

Place: IMEDEA Seminar Room