Seminar: Sediment transport under waves based on velocity and acceleration skewnesses

  • Speaker: Daniel Conti (Doctoral Candidate, IMEDEA)







Esporles, May 18, 2018. Properly modeling the sediment transport under water waves is critical to understand morphodynamic behaviors such as sandbar migrations.



In the last two decades, the influence of the wave assymetries (velocity and acceleration skewnesses mainly) has been pointed to be a key issue to explain, e.g., onshore sandbar migrations under mild wave conditions when wave-induced currents are small.



There is still, however, a lack of knowledge, and the expressions that relate the sediment transport to velocity and/or acceleration skewnesses are site-specific.



Departing from a intra-wave process-based sediment transport mode (which is checked against experimental data), from a well-known family of wave shapes and from a proper dimensional framework, in this work we propose a general expression for bedload sediment transport under waves.



The expression found is not site-specific and, compared to the process-based model results, the coefficient of determination is R² = 0.993. Further, the obtained equation has some similarities with expressions in the literature that are discussed.





Date and Time: Wednesday, May 23, 12:00-13:00h

Place: IMEDEA Seminar Room