Seminar: DEFPAM: Deep-sea fish Passive Acoustic Monitoring by using gliders. A JERICO-next project between SOCIB and ULiege

  • Speakers: Prof. Eric Parmentier & Dr. Marta Bolgan, Laboratoire de Morphologie Fonctionelle et Evolutive (University of Liege, Belgium)







Esporles, January 25, 2019.


Many fish species produce sounds during reproductive activities and when competing for limited resources (i.e. territories, mates, food).



By listening to fish calls (Passive Acoustic Monitoring), we achieve information about which species is present and where and when it prefers to aggregate.



Several European deep-sea fish belong to families with known vocal abilities, i.e. Macrouridae, Ophidiidae, Brotulidae, Sebastidae and Triglidae; however, acoustic communication of deep-sea fish is poorly studied to date.



The main objective of DEFPAM is to explore the potential of PAM for mapping temporal and spatial patterns of Mediterranean deep-sea fish vocal populations by coupling PAM with glider technology.





Date and Time: Friday, February 1, 12:00-13:00h 

Place: IMEDEA Seminar Room