PhD thesis: Seagrss ecology: environmental conditions and processes that affect the establishment and fate of seedlings



Photo: Laura Pereda defending her doctoral thesis (Author: Eduardo Infantes)



Esporles, May 10, 2019. Laura Pereda has defended her doctoral thesis supervised by the doctors Jorge Terrados and Fiona Tomás, from IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB). The event took place on May 10 at the University of Balearic Islands.



Recruitment of new individuals into a reproductive plant population is a multistage process, from seed production, propagule dispersal and seed germination, to seedling establishment and further survival. To successfully overcome this process, seedlings must surmount a series of biotic and abiotic environmental filters, and simultaneously be capable of resisting the progressively more abundant and frequent anthropogenic threats.


The present research takes a step forward towards the understanding of those environmental factors and processes that affect the establishment and fate of seedlings, thus contributing to seagrass meadow conservation, ecosystems of a paramount ecological and socio-economic importance.