Seminar: Physical-biological-biogeochemical interactions at the oceanic mesoscale and submesoscale

  • Speaker: Dr. David Lindo-Atichati, City University of New York & The American Museum of Natural History







Esporles, December 19, 2019. 


Mesoscale and submesoscale eddies are ubiquitous and highly energetic rotating features of ocean circulation.



Their influence on biological and biogeochemical processes stem not only from advective transport but also from the generation of variations in the environment.



A multidisciplinary approach involving sampling, remote sensing, and high-resolution modeling is woven through this presentation in an attempt to:


1) bridge long-standing scientific controversies on the signature of eddies of different scales on larval-fish distribution

2) shed light on the transport and fate of underwater hydrocarbon plumes and emerging contaminants



Seminario organizado por IMEDEA/SOCIB




Date and Time: Thursday, December 19, 10:00-11:00h

Place: IMEDEA Seminar Room