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Communication:Global spatial ecology on the high seas: a comparative study on the trans-equatorial migrations of the shearwater species
Type:Oral communication
Author(s):Dell'Aricia, G.; Ramos, R.; Tremblay, Y; Militao,T.; Reyes-Gonzalez, J.M.; Reid, T.; Carey, M.; Hodum, P.J.; Takahashi, A.; Sidgursson, I.A.; Kolbeinsson, Y.; Thompson, D.R.; Ryan, P.G.; Cuthbert, R.J.; Hedd, A.; Igual, J.M.; Oro, D.; Philliphs, R.A.; Shaffer, S.A.; González-Solís, J.
Conference:6th International Albatross and Petrel Conference (IAPC6)
Start date:18/09/2016
End date:22/09/2016

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