Biodiversity and conservation

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Increasing modularity when downscaling networks from species to individuals
C. Tur, J.M. Olesen, A. Traveset
OIKOS , Vol. 124. 5 Pag. 581-592 (2015)
Putative linkages between below and aboveground mutualisms during alien plant invasions
S. Rodríguez-Echeverría, A. Traveset
AoB Plants , Vol. 7. 1 Pag. 1-13 (2015)
Behavioural processes, ephemeral resources and spring population dynamics of an insular lizard, Podarcis lilfordi (Squamata: Lacertidae)
V. Pérez-Mellado, T. García-Díez, J.A. Hernández-Estévez, G. Tavecchia
ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY , Vol. 82. 4 Pag. 556-564 (2015)
Effects of experimentally simulated pollinator decline on recruitment in two European herbs
R. Lundgren, A. Lázaro, Ø. Totland
JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY , Vol. 103. 2 Pag. 328-337 (2015)
Eines genètiques i evolutives per a la descripció de la diversitat biològica
J. Pons, P. Bover
Bolletí de la Societat d'Història Natural de les Balears , Vol. 57. Pag. 9-36 (2014)
A new genus of speleophriid copepod (Copepoda: Misophrioida) from a cenote in the Yucatan, Mexico with a phylogenetic analysis at the species level
G.A. Boxshall, S. Zylinski, D. Jaume, T.M. Iliffe, E. Suárez-Morales
ZOOTAXA , Vol. 3821. Pag. 321-336 (2014)
The towering orogeny of New Guinea as a trigger for arthropod megadiversity.
E. Toussaint, R. Hall, M.T. Monaghan, K. Sagata, S. Ibalim, H. Shaverdo, A.P. Vogler, J. Pons, M. Balke
Nature Communications , Vol. 5. Pag. 4001- (2014)
Flower visitation by birds in Europe
L.P. da Silva, J.A. Ramos, J.M. Olesen, A. Traveset, R.H. Heleno
OIKOS , Vol. 123. 11 Pag. 1377-1383 (2014)
A long-term macroecological analysis of the recovery of a waterbird metacommunity after site protection
A. Martinez-Abrain, J. Pagel, J.A. Gómez, J. Jiménez, D. Oro
PLoS One , Vol. 9. 8 Pag. 105202- (2014)
Seabirds and climate: knowledge, pitfalls, and opportunities
D. Oro
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution , Vol. 2. 1 Pag. 79- (2014)
Individual improvements and selective mortality shape lifelong migratory performance
F. Sergio, Taferna A., R. De Stephanis, L. López Jiménez, J. Blas, G. Tavecchia, D. Preatoni, F. Hiraldo,
NATURE , Vol. 515. Pag. 410-413 (2014)
High beach temperatures increased female-biased primary sex ratios but reduced output of female hatchlings in the leatherback turtle
P. Santidrián Tomillo, D. Oro, F.V. Paladino, R. Piedra, A.E. Sieg, J.R. Spotila
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 176. Pag. 71-79 (2014)
Hierarchical modelling of population growth rate from individual capture–recapture data
S. Tenan, R. Pradel, G. Tavecchia, J.-M. Igual, A. Sanz-Aguilar, M. Genovart, D. Oro
Methods in Ecology and Evolution , Vol. 5. 7 Pag. 606-614 (2014)
Ecological networks: Delving into the architecture of biodiversity
R. Heleno, C. Garcia, P. Jordano, A. Traveset, J.M. Gómez, N. Blüthgen, J. Memmott, M. Moora, J. Cerdeira, S. Rodríguez-Echeverría, H. Freitas, J.M. Olesen
Biology Letters , Vol. 10. Pag. 1-2 (2014)
Can establishment success be determined through demographic parameters? A case study on five introduced bird species.
A. Sanz-Aguilar, J.D. Anadón, P. Edelaar, M. Carrete, J.L. Tella
PLoS One , Vol. 9. Pag. 110019- (2014)
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