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Paleoparasitological analysis of the extinct Myotragus balearicus Bate 1909 (Artiodactyla, Caprinae) from Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean)
V. Borba Nunes, J. Alcover, V. Silva, P. Cruz, J. Machado-Silva, A. de Araújo
PARASITOLOGY INTERNATIONAL , Vol. 66. 2 Pag. 7-11 (2017)
Surviving at high elevations: an inter- and intra-specific analysis in a mountain bird community
G. Bastianelli, G. Tavecchia, L. Meléndez, J. Seoane, J. R. Obeso, P. Laiolo
OECOLOGIA , Vol. 184. 2 Pag. 293-303 (2017)
Molecular systematics of Haploginglymus, a genus of subterranean amphipods endemic to the Iberian Peninsula (Amphipoda: Niphargidae)
José A. Jurado-Rivera, Genaro Álvarez, José A. Caro, Carlos Juan, Joan Pons, Damià Jaume
CONTRIBUTIONS TO ZOOLOGY , Vol. 86. 3 Pag. 239-260 (2017)
Colonisation in social species: the importance of breeding experience for dispersal in overcoming information barriers.
A. Payo-Payo, M. Genovart, A. Sanz-Aguilar, J. Greño, M. García-Tarrasón, A. Bertolero, J. Piccardo, D. Oro
Scientific Reports , Vol. 7. Pag. 42866- (2017)
Broadening the scope of bone anvils: Direct AMS14C dating from the island of menorca (western mediterranean)
A. Valenzuela, M. Cau, M. León
RADIOCARBON , Vol. 59. 1 Pag. 61-67 (2017)
Sex-and age-dependent patterns of survival and breeding success in a long-lived endangered avian scavenger
A. Sanz-Aguilar, A. Cortés-Avizanda, D. Serrano, G. Blanco, O. Ceballos, J. Grande, J. Tella, J. Donázar
Scientific Reports , Vol. 7. Pag. 40204- (2017)
Environmental conditions, age, and senescence differentially influence survival and reproduction in the Storm Petrel
N. Hernández, D. Oro, A. Sanz-Aguilar
Journal of Ornithology , Vol. 158. Pag. 113-123 (2017)
Spatial variation in shark-inflicted injuries to Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) of the southwestern Indian Ocean
M. Heithaus, J. Kiszka, A. Cadinouche, V. Dulau-Drouot, V. Boucaud, S. Pérez-Jorge, I. Webster
MARINE MAMMAL SCIENCE , Vol. 33. 1 Pag. 335-341 (2017)
Secondary nesting beaches for leatherback turtles on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica
P. Santidrián-Tomillo, N. Robinson, L. Fonseca, W. Quirós-Pereira, R. Arauz, M. Beange, R. Piedra, E. Vélez, F. Paladino, J. Spotila, B. Wallace
Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research , Vol. 45. 3 Pag. 563-571 (2017)
A new species of notodiaptomus from the ecuadorian andes (Copepoda, calanoida, diaptomidae)
M. Alonso, E. dos Santos-Silva, D. Jaume
ZooKeys , Vol. 2017. 697 Pag. 59-71 (2017)
Audouin's Gulls Larus audouinii Affected by Sublingual Fistulas
J.L. Greño, A. Bertolero, J. Bort, R. Howard, E. Luque, D. Oro, A. Sánchez
ARDEOLA , Vol. 64. 1 Pag. 5-11 (2017)
Modelling survival and breeding dispersal to unobservable nest sites.
G. Tavecchia, A. Sanz-Aguilar, B. Cannell,
WILDLIFE RESEARCH , Vol. 43. 5 Pag. 411-417 (2016)
Both introduced and extinct: The fallow deer of Roman Mallorca
A. Valenzuela, K. Baker, R. Carden, J. Evans, T. Higham, A. Hoelzel, A. Lamb, R. Madgwick, H. Miller, J. Alcover, M. Cau, N. Sykes
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports , Vol. 9. Pag. 168-177 (2016)
Mitochondrial genome rearrangements at low taxonomic levels: three distinct mitogenome gene orders in the genus Pseudoniphargus (Crustacea : Amphipoda).
M. Stokkan, J.A. Jurado-Rivera, C. Juan, D. Jaume, J. Pons
Mitochondrial DNA , Vol. 7. 5 Pag. 3579-3589 (2016)
Climatic-driven vital rates do not always mean climate-driven population
G. Tavecchia, S. Tenan, R. Pradel, J.-M. Igual, M. Genovart, D. Oro
GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY , Vol. 22. Pag. 3960-3966 (2016)
Colony foundation in an oceanic seabird
I. Munilla, M. Genovart, V.H. Paiva, A. Velando
PLoS One , Vol. 11. 2 Pag. 0147222- (2016)
Electromagnetic radiation of mobile telecommunication antennas affects the abundance and composition of wild pollinators
A. Lázaro, A. Chroni, T. Tscheulin, J. Devalez, C. Matsoukas, T. Petanidou
JOURNAL OF INSECT CONSERVATION , Vol. 20. 2 Pag. 315-324 (2016)
Evaluating mortality rates with a novel integrated framework for nonmonogamous species
S. Tenan, A. Iemma, N. Bragalanti, P. Pedrini, M. De Barba, E. Randi, C. Groff, M. Genovart
CONSERVATION BIOLOGY , Vol. 30. Pag. 1307-1319 (2016)
The complete mitochondrial genome of the cave shrimp Typhlatya miravetensis (Decapoda, Atyidae) and its systematic position
José A. Jurado-Rivera, Damià Jaume, Carlos Juan, Joan Pons
Mitochondrial DNA , Vol. 1. Pag. 847-848 (2016)
Disentangling the roles of diversity resistance and priority effects in community assembly
D.S. Viana, B. Cid, J. Figuerola, L. Santamaría
OECOLOGIA , Vol. 182. Pag. 865-875 (2016)
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