Biodiversity and conservation

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Inferring geographic origin, population structure and migration routes of a wintering population of Mediterranean gulls from resightings data
C. Carboneras, G. Tavecchia, M. Genovart, S. Requena, M. Olive, D. Oro,
POPULATION ECOLOGY , Vol. 55. 2 Pag. 343-351 (2013)
Historical biogeography and phylogeny of Typhlatya cave shrimps (Decapoda: Atyidae) based on mitochondrial and nuclear data
A. Botello, T.M. Iliffe, F. Alvarez, C. Juan, J. Pons, D. Jaume
JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY , Vol. 40. 3 Pag. 594-607 (2013)
Potential consequences of discard reform for seabird communities
A.W.J. Bicknell, D. Oro, K.C. Camphuysen, S.C. Votier,
JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY , Vol. 50. 3 Pag. 649-658 (2013)
Contrasting effects of climatic variability on the demography of a trans-equatorial migratory seabird
M. Genovart, A. Sanz-Aguilar, A. Fernandez-Chacon, J.M. Igual, R. Pradel, M.G. Forero, D. Oro,
JOURNAL OF ANIMAL ECOLOGY , Vol. 82. Pag. 121-130 (2013)
Effects of Posidonia Oceanica Beach-Cast on Germination, Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Coastal Dune Plants
S. Del Vecchio, N. Marba, A. Acosta, C. Vignolo, A. Traveset,
PLoS One , Vol. 8. 7 Pag. 1-8 (2013)
Boat anchoring impacts coastal populations of the pen shell, The largest bivalve in the Mediterranean
I.E. Hendriks, S. Tenan, G. Tavecchia, N. Marba, G. Jorda, S. Deudero, E. Alvarez, C.M. Duarte,
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 160. Pag. 105-113 (2013)
Contrasting Selective Pressures on Seed Traits of Two Congeneric Species by Their Main Native Guilds of Dispersers on Islands
M. Nogales, A. Gonzalez-Castro, P. Marrero, E. Bonnaud, A. Traveset,
PLoS One , Vol. 8. 5 Pag. 1-2 (2013)
Preventing the development of dogmatic approaches in conservation biology: A review
A. Martinez-Abrain, D. Oro,
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 159. Pag. 539-547 (2013)
Contrasting patterns of seed dispersal between alien mammals and native lizards in a declining plant species
C. Celedon-Neghme, A. Traveset, M. Calvino-Cancela,
PLANT ECOLOGY , Vol. 214. 4 Pag. 657-667 (2013)
Seed dispersal networks in the Galápagos and the functional consequences of plant invasions
R.H. Heleno, J.M. Olesen, M. Nogales, P. Vargas, A. Traveset,
A presumed spelaeogriphacean crustacean from an upper Barremian wetland (Las Hoyas; Lower Cretaceous; Central Spain)
D. Jaume, E. Pinardo-Moya, G.A. Boxshall,
PALAEONTOLOGY , Vol. 56. 1 Pag. 15-28 (2013)
The endemic bovids from Sardinia and the Balearic Islands: the state of the art.
M.R. Palombo, R. Rozzi, P. Bover
GEOBIOS , Vol. 46. Pag. 127-142 (2013)
Combined impact of multiple exotic herbivores on different life stages of an endangered plant endemism, Medicago citrina
L. Latorre, A. R. Larrinaga, L. Santamaría
JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY , Vol. 101. 1 Pag. 107-117 (2013)
The role of seabirds in Marine Protected Area identification, delineation, and monitoring: introduction and synthesis
R.A. Ronconi, B.G. Lascelles, G.M. Langham, J.B. Reid, D. Oro
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 156. Pag. 1-4 (2012)
Sterile flowers increase pollinator attraction and promote female success in the Mediterranean herb Leopoldia comosa
C.L. Morales, A. Traveset, L.D. Harder
ANNALS OF BOTANY , Vol. 111. Pag. 103-111 (2012)
A chromosomal analysis of four species of Chilean Chrysomelinae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)
E. Petitpierre, M. Elgueta
Comparative Cytogenetics , Vol. 6. 4 Pag. 335-340 (2012)
Internal Habitat Quality Determines the Effects of Fragmentation on Austral Forest Climbing and Epiphytic Angiosperms
A. Magrach, A.R. Larrinaga, L. Santamaría
PLoS One , Vol. 7. 10 Pag. 1-2 (2012)
Megachile timberlakei Cockerell (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae): Yet another adventive bee species to the Galapagos Archipelago
C. Rasmussen, A.L. Carrion, R. Castro-Urgal, S. Chamorro, V.H. González, T.L. Griswold, H.W. Herrera, C.K. McMullen, J.M. Olesen, A. Traveset,
PAN-PACIFIC ENTOMOLOGIST , Vol. 88. Pag. 98-102 (2012)
Recapture probability underwater: predicting the detection of the threatened noble pen shell in seagrass meadows
I. Hendriks, Deudero S., G. Tavecchia
Demographic Consequences of Poison-Related Mortality in a Threatened Bird of Prey
S. Tenan, J. Adrover, A. Muñoz Navarro, F. Sergio, Tavecchia G
PLoS One , Vol. 7. 11 Pag. 1-2 (2012)
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