Biodiversity and conservation

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Seed dispersal in changing landscapes
K.R. McConkey, S. Prasad, R.T. Corlett, A. Campos-Arceiz, J.F. Brodie, H. Rogers, L. Santamaria,
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 146. 1 Pag. 1-13 (2012)
The magnitude of global marine species diversity
W. Appeltans, S.T. Ahyong, G. Anderson, M.V. Angel, T. Artois, N. Bailly, R. Bamber, A. Barber, I. Bartsch, A. Berta, M. Blazewicz-Paszkowycz, P. Bock, G. Boxshall, C.B. Boyko, S.N. Brandao, R.A. Bray, N.L. Bruce, S.D. Cairns, T.-Y. Chan, L. Cheng, A.G. Collins, T. Cribb, M. Curini-Galletti, F. Dahdouh-Guebas, P.J.F. Davie, M.N. Dawson, O. De Clerck, W. Decock, S. De Grave, N.J. De Voogd, D.P. Domning, C.C. Emig, C. Erseus, W. Eschmeyer, K. Fauchald, D.G. Fautin, S.W. Feist, C.H.J.M. Fransen, H. Furuya, O. Garcia-Alvarez, S. Gerken, D. Gibson, A. Gittenberger, S. Gofas, L. Gomez-Daglio, D.P. Gordon, M.D. Guiry, F. Hernandez, B.W. Hoeksema, R.R. Hopcroft, D. Jaume, P. Kirk, N. Koedam, S. Koenemann, J.B. Kolb, R.M. Kristensen, A. Kroh, G. Lambert, D.B. Lazarus, R. Lemaitre, M. Longshaw, J. Lowry, E. MacPherson, L.P. Madin, C. Mah, G. Mapstone, P.A. McLaughlin, J. Mees, K. Meland, C.G. Messing, C.E. Mills, T.N. Molodtsova, R. Mooi, B. Neuhaus, P.K.L. Ng, C. Nielsen, J. Norenburg, D.M. Opresko, M. Osawa, G. Paulay, W. Perrin, J.F. Pilger, G.C.B. Poore, P. Pugh, G.B. Read, J.D. Reimer, M. Rius, R.M. Rocha, J.I. Saiz-Salinas, V. Scarabino, B. Schierwater, A. Schmidt-Rhaesa, K.E. Schnabel, M. Schotte, P. Schuchert, E. Schwabe, H. Segers, C. Self-Sullivan, N. Shenkar, V. Siegel, W. Sterrer, S. Stohr, B. Swalla, M.L. Tasker, E.V. Thuesen, T. Timm, M.A. Todaro, X. Turon, S. Tyler, P. Uetz, J. Van Der Land, B. Vanhoorne, L.P. Van Ofwegen, R.W.M. Van Soest, J. Vanaverbeke, G. Walker-Smith, T.C. Walter, A. Warren, G.C. Williams, S.P. Wilson, M.J. Costello,
CURRENT BIOLOGY , Vol. 22. 23 Pag. 2189-2202 (2012)
Migratory strategies of waterbirds shape the continental-scale dispersal of aquatic organisms
D.S. Viana, L. Santamaria, T.C. Michot, J. Figuerola,
ECOGRAPHY , Vol. 35. Pag. 1-9 (2012)
Cytogenetic Analysis of Lagria villosa (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae): Emphasis on the Mechanism of Association of the Xy p Sex Chromosomes.
L.G. Goll, R.F. Artoni, M.R. Vicari, V. Nogaroto, E. Petitpierre, M.C. Almeida,
CYTOGENETIC AND GENOME RESEARCH , Vol. 139. 1 Pag. 29-35 (2012)
Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Human Disturbance on Seed Dispersal by Animals
J.S. Markl, M. Schleuning, P.M. Forget, P. Jordano, J.E. Lambert, A. Traveset, S.J. Wright, K. Bohning-Gaese,
CONSERVATION BIOLOGY , Vol. 26. 6 Pag. 1072-1081 (2012)
Assessing different management scenarios to reverse the declining trend of a relict capercaillie population: A modelling approach within an adaptive management framework
M. Fernandez-Olalla, A. Martínez-Abrain, J. Canut, D. Garcia-Ferre, I. Afonso, L.M. Gonzalez,
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 148. 1 Pag. 79-87 (2012)
Frugivore behaviour determines plant distribution: A spatially-explicit analysis of a plant-disperser interaction
J. Rodriguez-Perez, T. Wiegand, L. Santamaria,
ECOGRAPHY , Vol. 35. 2 Pag. 113-123 (2012)
Evolution and Biodiversity: The evolutionary basis of biodiversity and its potential for adaptation to global change
J. Mergeay, L. Santamaria,
Evolutionary Applications , Vol. 5. 2 Pag. 103-106 (2012)
Nesiotites rafelinensis sp. nov., the earliest shrew (Mammalia, Soricidae) from the Balearic Islands, Spain
J. Rofes, P. Bover, G. Cuenca-Bescós, J.A. Alcover
PALAEONTOLOGIA ELECTRONICA , Vol. 15. 1 Pag. 1-12 (2012)
Effects of frugivore preferences and habitat heterogeneity on seed rain: A multi-scale analysis
J. Rodriguez-Perez, A.R. Larrinaga, L. Santamaria,
PLoS One , Vol. 7. 3 Pag. 1-2 (2012)
A new genus of speleophriid copepod (Copepoda: Misophrioida: Speleophriidae) from a cenote in the Yucatan, Mexico
G.A. Boxshall, D. Jaume, T.M. Iliffe, E. Suarez-Morales,
Natura Croatica , Vol. 21. 1 Pag. 12-14 (2012)
How different link weights affect the structure of quantitative flower-visitation networks
R. Castro-Urgal, C. Tur, M. Albrecht, A. Traveset,
BASIC AND APPLIED ECOLOGY , Vol. 13. 6 Pag. 500-508 (2012)
Facilitating transitional processes in rigid institutional regimes for water management and wetland conservation: Experience from the Guadalquivir Estuary
P.F. Mendez, N. Isendahl, J.M. Amezaga, L. Santamaria,
ECOLOGY AND SOCIETY , Vol. 17. 1 Pag. 1-2 (2012)
Evolution in biodiversity policy - current gaps and future needs
L. Santamaria, P.F. Mendez,
Evolutionary Applications , Vol. 5. 2 Pag. 202-218 (2012)
Asian Tapirs Are No Elephants When It Comes To Seed Dispersal
A. Campos-Arceiz, C. Traeholt, R. Jaffar, L. Santamaria, R.T. Corlett,
BIOTROPICA , Vol. 44. 2 Pag. 220-227 (2012)
Seed dispersal by lizards on a continental-shelf island: Predicting interspecific variation in seed rain based on plant distribution and lizard movement patterns
M. Piazzon, A.R. Larrinaga, J. Rodriguez-Perez, L. Latorre, L. Navarro, L. Santamaria,
JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY , Vol. 39. 11 Pag. 1984-1995 (2012)
A new taxonomic status for Iberoformica (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) based on the use of molecular markers
M. Munoz-Lopez, T. Palomeque, J.A. Carrillo, J. Pons, A. Tinaut, P. Lorite,
Sobre la dieta de Myotragus balearicus, un bóvido sumamente modificado del Pleistoceno-Holoceno de las Baleares
J. Bartolomé, C. Retuerto, X. Martínez, J.A. Alcover, P. Bover, J. J. Cassinello, Y.E. Baraza,
Naturaleza aragonesa: revista de la Sociedad de Amigos del Museo Paleontológico de la Universidad de Zaragoza , Vol. 27. Pag. 4-7 (2011)
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