Biodiversity and conservation

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Physiological and morphological adaptations in relation to water use efficiency in Mediterranean accessions of Solanum Lycopersicum
J. Galmés, M.A. Conesa, J.M. Ochogavía, J.A. Perdomo, D.M. Francis, M. Ribas-Carbó, R. Savé, J. Flexas, H. Medrano, J. Cifre
PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT , Vol. 34. 2 Pag. 245-260 (2011)
Diet of the extinct Lava mouse Malpaisomys insularis from the Canary Islands: insights from dental microwear
C. Firmat, H.G. Rodrigues, R. Hutterer, J.C. Rando, J.A. Alcover, J. Michaux
Science of Nature , Vol. 98. Pag. 33-37 (2011)
Changes in patch features may exacerbate or compensate for the effect of habitat loss on forest bird populations
A. Magrach, A.R. Larrinaga, L. Santamaria,
PLoS One , Vol. 6. 6 Pag. 1-2 (2011)
Deep mtDNA subdivision within Linnean species in an endemic radiation of tiger beetles from New Zealand (genus Neocicindela)
Pons J., Fujisawa T., Claridge E.M., Anthony Savill R., Barraclough T.G., Vogler A.P.,
Seabird-trawling interactions: Factors affecting species-specific to regional community utilisation of fisheries waste
Louzao M., Arcos J.M., Guijarro B., Valls M., Oro D.,
FISHERIES OCEANOGRAPHY , Vol. 20. 4 Pag. 263-277 (2011)
Spatial heterogeneity in the effects of climate change on the population dynamics of a Mediterranean tortoise
Fernandez-Chacon A., Bertolero A., Amengual A., Tavecchia G., Homar V., Oro D.,
GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY , Vol. 17. 10 Pag. 3075-3088 (2011)
Integration of invasive Opuntia spp. by native and alien seed dispersers in the Mediterranean area and the Canary Islands
B. Padron, M. Nogales, A. Traveset, M. Vila, A. Martínez-Abrain, D.P. Padilla, P. Marrero,
BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS , Vol. 13. 4 Pag. 831-844 (2011)
Natural 'poor start' does not increase mortality over the lifetime
Drummond H., Rodriguez C., Oro D.,
Coexisting with fire: The case of the terrestrial tortoise Testudo graeca in mediterranean shrublands
Sanz-Aguilar A., Anadon J.D., Gimenez A., Ballestar R., Gracia E., Oro D.,
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 144. 3 Pag. 1040-1049 (2011)
Les cavitats litorals de gènesi marina a les illes Balears
D. Vicens, F. Gràcia, P. Balaguer, A. Ginard, D. Crespí, P. Bover
Endins , Vol. 35. Pag. 227-236 (2011)
Islands beneath islands: phylogeography of a groundwater amphipod crustacean in the Balearic archipelago
M.M. Bauza-Ribot, D. Jaume, J.J. Fornos, C. Juan, J. Pons,
BMC EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY , Vol. 11. Pag. 211- (2011)
L’endocarst i les mines de la serra de na Burguesa (Mallorca, Illes Balears). 2. Estat actual del coneixement paleontològic, de la vegetació pteridofítica i briofítica de les entrades de les cavitats i biospeleològic
P. Bover, A. Ginard, J.A. Rosselló, D. Crespí, F. Gràcia, D. Vicens
Bolletí de la Societat d'Història Natural de les Balears , Vol. 54. Pag. 209-230 (2011)
L’endocarst i les mines de la serra de na Burguesa (Mallorca, Illes Balears). 1. Estat actual del coneixement espeleogenètic, topogràfic, miner i de la tipologia d’espeleotemes.
D. Vicens, A. Ginard, D. Crespí, P. Bover, F. Gràcia
Bolletí de la Societat d'Història Natural de les Balears , Vol. 54. Pag. 127-143 (2011)
Misleading population estimates: Biases and consistency of visual surveys and matrix modelling in the endangered bearded vulture
Margalida A., Oro D., Cortes-Avizanda A., Heredia R., Donazar J.A.,
PLoS One , Vol. 6. 10 Pag. 1-2 (2011)
Body shape and life style of the extinct Balearic dormouse Hypnomys (Rodentia, Gliridae): new evidence from the study of associated skeletons.
P. Bover, J.A. Alcover, J.J. Michaux, L. Hautier, R. Hutterer,
PLoS One , Vol. 5. 12 Pag. 1-11 (2010)
Ancient DNA of the Extinct Lava Shearwater (Puffinus olsoni) from the Canary Islands Reveals Incipient Differentiation within the P. puffinus Complex
O. Ramirez, J.C. Illera, J.C. Rando, J. Gonzalez-Solis, J.A. Alcover, C. Lalueza-Fox,
PLoS One , Vol. 5. 12 Pag. 1-7 (2010)
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