Biodiversity and conservation

Articles in journals [667]

Nucleotide substitution rates for the full set of mitochondrial protein-coding genes in Coleoptera
J. Pons, I. Ribera, J. Bertranpetit, M. Balke,
The case of an insular molarless black rat: effects on lifestyle and mandible morphology
P. Bover, J.A. Alcover, J. Michaux, S. Renaud,
ARCHIVES OF ORAL BIOLOGY , Vol. 55. Pag. 576-582 (2010)
Evolution in caves: Darwin’s ‘wrecks of ancient life’ in the molecular era
C. Juan, M. Guzic, D. Jaume, S. J. B. Cooper
MOLECULAR ECOLOGY , Vol. 19. Pag. 3865-3880 (2010)
How Foraging Behaviour and Resource Partitioning Can Drive the Evolution of Flowers and the Structure of Pollination Networks.
M.A. Rodríguez-Gironés, L. Santamaría,
Open Ecology Journal , Vol. 3. Pag. 1-11 (2010)
Internal dispersal of seeds by waterfowl: effect of seed size on gut passage time and germination patterns.
J. Figuerola, I. Charalambidou, L. Santamaria, A.J. Green
Science of Nature , Vol. 97. Pag. 555-565 (2010)
Applied conservation services of the evolutionary theory
A. Martinez-Abrain, D. Oro
EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGY , Vol. 24. Pag. 1381-1392 (2010)
Les cavitats de la serra de na Burguesa. Zona 9: Son Boronat-L’Hostalet (3a part) (Calvià, Mallorca).
D. Crespí, P. Bover, A. Ginard, D. Vicens, M. Vadell, M.A. Barceló, F. Gràcia
Endins , Vol. 34. Pag. 125-140 (2010)
Pteridòfits i briòfits de les cavitats de la serra de na Burguesa (Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca).
A. Ginard, D. Vicens, J.A. Rosselló, G.X. Pons, M. Mir-Gual, D. Crespí, M.A. Barceló, P. Bover,
Endins , Vol. 34. Pag. 69-86 (2010)
Frugivores and seed dispersal: mechanisms and consequences for biodiversity of a key ecological interaction.
Pedro Jordano, Pierre-Michel Forget, Joanna E. Lambert, Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Anna Traveset, S. Joseph Wright
Biology Letters , Vol. 1. Pag. 1- (2010)
On the extinction of the Dune Shearwater (Puffinus holeae) from the Canary Islands
J.C. Rando, J.A. Alcover
Journal fur Ornithologie , Vol. 151. Pag. 365-369 (2010)
Aportació al coneixement de les cavitats de la Macaronèsia
M. Trias, J.C. Rando, J.A. Alcover
Endins , Vol. 34. Pag. 165-180 (2010)
La cova de sa Tossa Alta (Escorca, Mallorca): una estació prehistòrica remota a la Serra de Tramuntana
A. Valenzuela, M. Bonnin, J. Bartolomé, J.A. Alcover, M. Trias
Endins , Vol. 34. Pag. 19-34 (2010)
Diplanetism and microcyclic sporulation in Phytophthora ramorum
Descals E. Moralejo E
FOREST PATHOLOGY Pag. 1-2 (2010)
Fishery discards impact on seabird movement patterns at regional scales
F. Bartumeus, L. Giuggioli, M. Louzao, V. Bretagnolle, D. Oro, S. Levin
CURRENT BIOLOGY , Vol. 20. Pag. 215-222 (2010)
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