Biodiversity and conservation

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First report of Phaeoacremonium inflatipes, P. iranianum and P. sicilianum causing Petri Disease of grapevine in Spain
Gramaje D, Armengol J, Colino. MI, Santiago R, Moralejo E, Olmo D, Luque J, Mostert L
PLANT DISEASE Pag. - (2009)
Interactive effects of soil water deficit and air vapour pressure deficit on mesophyll conductance to CO2 in Vitis vinifera and Olea europaea.
Perez-Martin, A., J. Flexas, M. Ribas-Carbó, J. Bota, M. Tomàs, J.M. Infante, A. Díaz-Espejo
JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY , Vol. 8. Pag. 2391-2405 (2009)
Is the historical war against wildlife over in southern Europe?
A. Martínez-Abraín, J. Crespo, J. Jiménez, J. Gómez, D. Oro
ANIMAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 12. 3 Pag. 204-208 (2009)
Paleogenomics in a Temperate Environment: Shotgun Sequencing from an Extinct Mediterranean Caprine
O. Ramirez, E. Gigli, P. Bover, J.A. Alcover, J. Bertranpetit, J. Castresana, C. Lalueza-Fox
PLoS One , Vol. 4. Pag. 1-6 (2009)
Tulipispora ingoldii (Hyphomycetes) gen. et sp nov from submerged wood
A. Revay, J. Gonczol, E. Descals
NOVA HEDWIGIA Pag. 41-48 (2009)
Photosynthesis limitations during water stress acclimation and recovery in the drought-adapted Vitis hybrid Richter-110 (V. berlandieri•V. rupestris).
J. Flexas, M. Barón, J. Bota, J.M. Ducruet, A. Gallé, J. Galmés, M. Jiménez, A. Pou, M. Ribas-Carbó, C. Sajnani, M. Tomàs, H. Medrano
JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY , Vol. 8. Pag. 2361-2377 (2009)
A reappraisal of the stratigraphy of Cueva del Llano (Fuerteventura) and the chronology of the introduction of the house mouse (Mus musculus) into the Canary Islands
J.A. Alcover, J.C. Rando, F. García-Talavera, R. Hutterer, M. Trias, J.F. Navarro,
Buying years to extinction: Is compensatory mitigation for marine bycatch a sufficient conservation measure for long-lived seabirds?
J. Igual, G. Tavecchia, S. Jenouvrier, M. Forero, D. Oro
PLoS One , Vol. 4. 3 Pag. 1- (2009)
Impact of invasive species in the pollination networks of two different archipelagos
B. Padrón, A. Traveset, T. Biedenweg, D. Díaz, J.M. Olesen, M. Nogales,
PLOS BIOLOGY , Vol. 4. 7 Pag. 1-11 (2009)
Variability in water use efficiency at the leaf level among Mediterranean plants with different growth forms
H. Medrano, J. Flexas, J. Galmés
PLANT AND SOIL , Vol. 317. Pag. 17-29 (2009)
Multiple alien Phytophthora taxa discovered on diseased ornamental plants in Spain
Moralejo E, Perez-Sierra A, Belbahri L, Álvarez J, Descals E
PLANT PATHOLOGY , Vol. 58. Pag. 100-110 (2009)
Factors affecting the reproductive output of two species of Daphne (Thymelaeaceae). Ecological context or taxonomical constraints?
J. Rodríguez-Pérez, A. Traveset
JOURNAL OF PLANT RESEARCH , Vol. submitted. Pag. 0- (2009)
Susceptibility of Iberian trees to Phytophthora ramorum and P. cinnamomi
J. A. García-Muñoz and E. Descals. E. Moralejo
PLANT PATHOLOGY , Vol. 58. Pag. 271-283 (2009)
New subterranean Sebidae (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Gammaridea) from Vietnam and SE Pacific
D. Jaume, B. Sket, G. A. Boxshall
ZOOSYSTEMA , Vol. 31. Pag. 249-277 (2009)
Impact of invasive species in the pollination networks of two different archipelagos.
B. Padrón, A. Traveset, T. Biedenweg, D. Diaz, JM. Olesen, M. Nogales
PLoS One , Vol. 4(7). Pag. 1-11 (2009)
A review on the effects of alien rodents in the Balearic (W Mediterranean) and Canary Islands (Atlantic Ocean).
A. Traveset, M. Nogales, J. A. Alcover, J. D. Delgado, M. López, D. Godoy, J. M. Igual, P. Bover
BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS , Vol. 11. Pag. 1653-1670 (2009)
Flower preferences by Mediterranean butterflies: Factors influencing their degree of generalism.
C. Stefanescu, A. Traveset
OIKOS , Vol. 118. Pag. 1109-1117 (2009)
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