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Nesting ecology of East Pacific green turtles at Playa Cabuyal, Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica
P. Santidrian Tomillo, S. A. Roberts, R. Hernández, J. R. Spotila, F.V. Paladino
Marine Ecology-An Evolutionary Perspective , Vol. 36. 3 Pag. 506-516 (2015)
The empty temporal niche: breeding phenology differs between coexisting native and invasive birds.
A. Sanz-Aguilar, M. Carrete, P. Edelaar, J. Potti, J. L. Tella
BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS , Vol. 17. 11 Pag. 3275-3288 (2015)
Links between fear of humans, stress and survival support a non-random distribution of birds among urban and rural habitats.
N. Rebolo-Ifrán, M. Carrete, A. Sanz-Aguilar, S. Rodríguez-Martínez, S. Cabezas, T. Marchant, G. Bortolotti, J.L. Tella
Scientific Reports , Vol. 5. Pag. 13723- (2015)
Can static habitat protection encompass critical areas for highly mobile marine top predators? Insights from coastal East Africa
S. Pérez-Jorge, T. Pereira, C. Corne, Z. Wijtten, M. Omar, J. Katello, M. Kinyua, D. Oro, M. Louzao
PLoS One , Vol. 10. 7 Pag. 0133265- (2015)
¿Cómo poner freno al declive del alimoche en Andalucía?
A. Sanz-Aguilar, J.A. Sánchez-Zapata, M. Carrete, J.R. Benítez, E. Ávila, R. Arenas, J.A. Donazar
Quercus , Vol. 353. Pag. 56-57 (2015)
Climate change overruns resilience conferred by temperature-dependent sex determination in sea turtles and threatens their survival
P. Santidrián Tomillo, M. Genovart, F.V. Paladino, J.R. Spotila, D. Oro
GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY , Vol. 21. 1 Pag. 2980-2988 (2015)
Age-dependent survival of island vs. mainland populations of two avian scavengers: delving into migration costs
A. Sanz-Aguilar, F. de Pablo, J.A. Donázar
OECOLOGIA , Vol. 179. 2 Pag. 405-414 (2015)
Effects of decreased anthropogenic food availability on an opportunistic gull: Evidence for a size-mediated response in breeding females
E.C. Steigerwald, J.-M. Igual, A. Payo-Payo, G. Tavecchia
IBIS , Vol. 157. Pag. 439-448 (2015)
Multievent capture-recapture analysis reveals individual foraging specialisation in a generalist species.
A. Sanz-Aguilar, R. Jovani, C.J. Melián, R. Pradel, J.L. Tella
ECOLOGY , Vol. 96. 6 Pag. 1650-1660 (2015)
Mediterranean storm petrels rely on nest position for homing after migration: a test with artificial nest boxes
G. Dell'Ariccia, L. Blanc, F. Bonadonna, A. Sanz-Aguilar
ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR , Vol. 107. Pag. 97-104 (2015)
Action on multiple fronts, illegal poisoning and wind farm planning, is required to reverse the decline of the Egyptian vulture in Southern Spain
A. Sanz-Aguilar, J.A. Sánchez-Zapata, M. Carrete, J.R. Benítez, E. Ávila, R. Arenas, J.A. Donázar
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 187. Pag. 10-18 (2015)
Space, Time and Aliens: charting the dynamic structure of Galápagos pollination networks
A. Traveset, S. Chamorro, J.M. Olesen, R.H. Heleno
AoB Plants , Vol. 7. Pag. 1-2 (2015)
The influence of environmental conditions on age pattern in breeding performance in a transequatorial migratory seabird
N. Hernández, M. Genovart, J.M. Igual, D. Oro
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution , Vol. 3. Pag. 69- (2015)
Shading and watering as a tool to mitigate the impacts of climate change in sea turtle nests
J.E. Hill, F.V. Paladino, J.R. Spotila, P.S. Tomillo
PLoS One , Vol. 10. 6 Pag. 0129528- (2015)
The unnoticed effect of a top predator on complex mutualistic ecological interactions
M. Nogales, I. Castañeda, M. López-Darias, F.M. Medina, E. Bonnaud
BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS , Vol. 17. 6 Pag. 1655-1665 (2015)
Mutualismos entre plantas y animales.
A. Traveset, N. Nogales
Investigación y Ciencia 464 Pag. 25-33 (2015)
Testing for effects of climate change on competitive relationships and coexistence between two bird species
N.C. Stenseth, J.M. Durant, M.S. Fowler, E. Matthysen, F. Adriaensen, N. Jonzén, K.-S. Chan, H. Liu, J. De Laet, B.C. Sheldon, M.E. Visser, A.A. Dhondt
Long corollas as nectar barriers in Lonicera implexa: interactions between corolla tube length and nectar volume
A. Lázaro, C. Vignolo, L. Santamaría
EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGY , Vol. 29. 3 Pag. 419-435 (2015)
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