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Verónica Nieves' Seminar: «Unraveling the Ocean's Role: Harnessing AI for Climate and Ocean Science»

IMEDEA'S Seminars Room



Abstract: In this seminar, Veronica Nieves, head of the AI4OCEANS Group, will provide insightful overview of her ongoing research projects at the University of Valencia. Over recent years, her research has been dedicated to unraveling the ocean’s role in the global climate system and its impact on sea levels and extreme weather events, harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Dr. Nieves and her team have developed innovative and synergistic methodologies that seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence, oceanography, and climate science to address crucial issues related to our changing oceans and climate. The presentation will delve into key research areas, including the use of machine learning techniques to enhance our understanding of future sea-level rise. It will explore how AI can assist in gaining deeper insights into pre-hurricane conditions and forecasts. This versatile and invaluable tool also bears implications for understanding phenomena like Medicanes and extreme coastal wind patterns. These new assessment tools play a pivotal role in advancing our scientific knowledge about tipping points and feedback mechanisms within the climate system.


Short bio: Veronica Nieves holds a position of a Distinguished Researcher and serves as the head of the AI4OCEANS Research Unit at the University of Valencia. In this capacity, she leads an innovative international research initiative that leverages advanced AI tools for the analysis of complex remote sensing and in situ data, yielding relevant insights on both local and global scales. Her pioneering work in AI technology is enhancing predictability and causal inference in Earth observation data, particularly in the context of global climate change. Throughout her career, she has developed advanced algorithms using statistical signal and image processing techniques. These algorithms have been applied to diverse areas, including hurricane forecasting, coastal sea level modeling, salinity analysis, ocean current tracking, and the characterization of eco-hydro-geomorphological processes. Her interdisciplinary background spans AI/ML, climate science, oceanography, and Earth system modeling. Prior to her current role, she held positions at the University of California and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she was a member of the NASA Sea Level Change Team.


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IMEDEA'S Seminars Room
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