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Vie 2nd Feb
4:00 pm
5:00 pm


Monitoring hydrodynamic and morphological features in coastal areas, as well as their evolution, is a key task to support coastal management, of upmost importance in the current context of sea-level rise. In-situ sampling is commonly used to monitor the nearshore; however, they are time-consuming, spatially-limited and scarce, especially during large wave or strong current events. In contrast, remote sensing measurements are able to estimate hydrodynamics and morphology at higher sampling rates and over broader coastal areas. However, some remote sensing technologies, like satellite, and video cameras, are not able to measure continuously, as opposed to shore-based X-band radars. Pulsed radar has been used for this purpose over 20 years now, but continuous wave radars, which are safer and cheaper than their pulsed counterpart, have been virtually unexplored for this purpose. In this talk I will present our current work on the adaptation of a continuous X-band radar system to measure ocean wave spectra, aiming to complement and improve video camera systems for nearshore monitoring.

Sala de Seminarios del IMEDEA, Esporles
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