Seminar: Swimming physiology of fish and using exercise to farm fit fish in aquaculture


  • Speaker: Dr. Arjan P. Palstra,Wageningen University & Research Animal Breeding and Genomics, The Netherlands



Foto: Seabream waiting in the swim-tunnels for an exercise trial and respirometry (Autor: Arjan P. Palstra)





Esporles, December 11, 2018.



The basic physiological condition of many fish species of commercial interest is constant movement. Current aquaculture conditions often represent suboptimal environments to allow such behaviour.



The stimulation of swimming exercise in aquaculture can therefore offer physiological benefits that are worth the extra costs for inducing a flow and adjusting the systems, and may even represent solutions for well-known aquaculture bottlenecks.



Optimal exercise protocols should be developed and end discussions about contrasting results which are obtained at different swimming speeds and other variables that interfere with swimming physiology.



I will present the most recent information coming from our experimental trials which provides input for a discussion on the opportunities to use exercise to farm fit fish under current and future aquaculture conditions.





Date and Time: Tuesday, December 18, 10:00-11:00h

Place: IMEDEA Seminar Room



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