In 2022 IMEDEA launched a regional THINK TANK with the objective to establish a space for joint reflection that transcends the borders between academia and society. The aim of the series of encounters is to strengthen links with regional stakeholders and stir cooperative thinking on emerging socio-environmental issues, focusing on the resilience of coastal and island systems in the territorial context of the Balearic Islands. Specifically, each event will focus more deeply on some of the themes and concerns raised during the launch event which took place October 2022, bringing together scientists, businesses, communities, NGOs, and policymakers, including various bodies of the local public administration.

Photo: ©Autor Ana Bonilla (IMEDEA)


I THINK TANK - Adaptation to climate change in the Balearic Islands: environmental and social challenges (04/10/2022)

In this first event dedicated to climate change and celebrated in the Maritime Museum of Mallorca, Dr Damià Gomis Bosch (IMEDEA) and Dr José Carlos Cerro Garrido (GOIB) presented on the impact of climate change in the local context and on the connection between science and public administration, respectively. Invited participants from a number of social sectors attended and contributed to a joint exercise of reflection on the effects of climate change on different sectors of activity, considering various mid-term future scenarios (in 10 and 30 years).





Photo: ©Autor Ana Bonilla (IMEDEA)


II THINK TANK – PESCA VIVA: Collaborating towards a Sustainable Future (12/12/2023)

Photo: ©Autor Ana Bonilla (IMEDEA)

The next event, coming up this December in the Maritime Museum of Mallorca, will focus on the professional and recreational fisheries sectors. Invited participants will explore together how science can offer potential solutions to the key challenges in areas such as stock sustainability, stock management, climate change, digitization, and more. The day will include presentations of scientific advances on the state of recreational and professional fishing, work in small groups, and a plenary discussion.

This initiative is being undertaken as part of grant CEX2021-001198 funded by MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033.

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