Research support services

IMEDEA has scientific-technical and administrative services that are the core of the proper functioning of the Institute. In addition, we provide some analytics and technology capabilities to external users. If you want to contract some of our services you can obtain more information in the following links:


With more than 200,000 specimens, the naturalist collections of the IMEDEA COL service represent a large component of the living and extinct fauna of the Balearic Islands.

Microscopy, cytometry and molecular biology

The MCB service consists of three analysis laboratories specialized in optical microscopy, flow citometry and protocols related to nucleic acid isolation and processing for sequencing.


The QAE service is specialized in the processing and chemical analysis of environmental samples.

Instrumentation and field support

The IAC service provides technical and logistical support to the terrestrial and marine field studies of the IMEDEA research groups.

Data Lab

The Data Lab service offers customized solutions for projects that require the use of AI techniques for the analysis of objects in images or videos.

Marine Analytical and Metabolomic Chemistry

The marine analytical and metabolomic chemistry service conducts analyses of the main chemical compounds (macronutrients) and metabolites in seawater.

Singular facilities


Experimentation service for the study of interactions between fluids in motion and marine organisms.

Coastal Research Stations

The IMEDEA coastal stations provide fundamental infrastructure for experimental and observational research in the coastal environment.