The DataLAB service is responsible for providing advice and analysis tools to research projects that require working with large databases, using advanced statistical or computational methods, and/or machine learning. DataLAB technicians specialize in data science and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in image analysis. The application of AI techniques to environmental information analysis, whether it be sensor data, genetic sequencing, images, or videos, is a rapidly growing field. Through these techniques, objects can be detected, various parameters of interest can be derived, and clusterings can be performed (classification, object detection, segmentation, keypoints, etc.). The service tasks include advising on AI techniques, image analysis, and neural network training, as well as organizing the storage of the databases used.



The DataLAB is located in office 2059b.


Scientific manager of the service

Dra. Marta Marcos

Offered scientific and technological services

  • Consultation and advice on artificial intelligence: Training of networks for images and videos, protocols for training AI-based networks, and advice on the use of new technologies.
  • Image analysis to identify objects using a neural network previously trained with the objects to identify or using computer vision programs that facilitate the identification of objects or individuals in the image.

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