Experimentation service for the study of interactions between fluids in motion and marine organisms. The infrastructure consists of a hydraulic experimentation channel with an effective length of 5m, equipped with flow control by means of an electromagnetic sensor capable of generating flows, shear stresses and turbulence levels representative of the range of natural conditions to which organisms are subjected. pelagic and benthic. The equipment is equipped with a series of sensors and cameras capable of providing information on the interactions between the flow and the organisms (or their artificial replicas). In particular, the ECOCANAL has the necessary equipment/sensors for a detailed quantitative characterization of the environmental conditions generated, of metabolic changes, as well as the quantification with high spatio-temporal resolution of fluid-organism interaction processes through a double stereo system. -PIV with downstream synchronous measurement.

Contact information

E-mail: servicios_mcb@imedea.uib-csic.es