The marine analytical and metabolomic chemistry service conducts analyses of the main chemical compounds (macronutrients) and metabolites in seawater. The service focuses on the analysis of inorganic nutrients dissolved in seawater through discontinuous flow titration (nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, phosphate, silicate). Additionally, it performs metabolite analysis using HPLC-MS/MS. The metabolite analysis consists of two complementary phases: first, an untargeted analysis where metabolites present in a sample are identified using a general scan, and then the quantified analysis designed for targeted analysis of the metabolites of interest.

Furthermore, the service offers other provisions such as the supply and control of general-purpose reagents and the use of auxiliary equipment such as the lyophilizer.

Location The marine analytical and metabolomic chemistry service is located in room 2062 and partially occupies laboratory 0056 in the Esporles building.

Service Equipment

  • Bran Luebbe nutrient analyzer
  • Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 240 UHPLC-MS/MS system
  • VANQUISH Flex UHPLC system
  • Labconco lyophilizer


Scientific manager of the service

Dr. Sergio Sañudo-Wilhelmy

Offered scientific and technological services

• Supply and management of general-purpose reagents (ordering, storage, and preparation).

• Analysis of nutrients in seawater • Analysis of metabolites in seawater

Associated Staff

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