The functions of the Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Service include providing scientific and technical support to IMEDEA researchers and external researchers for the use of the Institute’s microscopes and the analysis and separation of microorganisms using flow cytometry techniques.

The service has optical microscopes, confocal systems, magnifying glasses, high resolution cameras, micromanipulators and other microscopy accessories. 

The analysis of microorganisms in seawater is performed by flow cytometry and, optionally, by flowcam. Flow cytometry is an analytical technique based on the simultaneous analysis of several parameters of an optical nature, in a rapid manner and on a large number of individual particles. This analysis is performed on each particle based on the scattering of light emitted by a series of lasers and the emission of natural or induced fluorescence using different types of fluorochromes. In the case of FlowCam, the analysis of microorganisms is performed by combining laser diffractometry with image analysis.

The activities of the service include the development and custody of protocols, user manuals, training and supervision of new users, organisation of microscopy courses, procurement of equipment, commissioning, calibration and maintenance of equipment, analysis of samples by cytometry, separation of populations by cytometry, analysis of samples by FlowCam. The service includes the clean room with soft lithophotography equipment for experiments with microorganisms.


The microscopy and cytometry service is located in rooms 0003, 0004, 0009b, 0010 and 0011 of the Esporles building.


Equipment of the service

– Leica TCS SP5 CONFOCAL Microscope

– Zeiss Axio imager A2 microscope

– Microscope Zeiss Axio Observer 7

– Zeiss Axio Plan 2 microscope

– Zeiss Axio Vert 200 microscope

– Zeiss Axio Vert A1 microscope

– Zeiss Axio Zoom.V16 microscope

– Zeiss Stemi 2000-C microscope

– Microscope Zeiss Axio imager A1

– BD FACSAria Cytometer

– FlowCAM


Scientific manager of the service

Dr. Marco Polin

Offered scientific and technological services

  •  Conventional microscopy analysis, use, assistance and maintenance of microscopy equipment: high resolution brightfield optical microscopy, optimal brightfield microscopy with inverted microscope, transmitted light and fluorescence optical microscopy in both conventional and inverted microscopes.
  • Flow cytometry for marine samples: pico and nano algae counting. Technical support for analysis of marine plankton samples.
  • Photolithography: manufacture of masks: maintenance and advice on the use of the equipment necessary for the development of microfluidic chips by soft photolithography.

Associated Staff

Contact information

E-mail: servicios_mcb@imedea.uib-csic.es