The Collections Service (SCol) of IMEDEA is responsible for the preparation, cataloging, and conservation of collections. It is part of the ArcheologyHub of CSIC ( SCol is responsible for ensuring the security and custody under optimal conditions of the various available collections and supporting research on the evolution of life on Earth and contributing to the transfer of this knowledge. SCoI currently has three collections: vertebrates, insects, and paleontology, the latter collection declared a Cultural Interest Property (BIC) by the Consell Insular de Mallorca. The collections are cataloged in GBIFTaxo&Map and Pollinators of the Balearic Islands.


The activities of SCol include:

  • Advice on the conservation of organisms and fossils
  • Taxonomic identification advice for natural history specimens
  • Collaboration on projects involving natural history collections
  • Scientific documentation of natural history specimens
  • Preparation of technical reports and advice to administrations
  • Loan of natural history specimens for research purposes
  • Outreach and production of educational materials



SCoI is located in rooms 3002, 3003, and 3004 of the Esporles building and has infrastructure in the Can López building of the University Campus.


Service Equipment

  • Formalabs 3L Printer
  • Arctec 3D Spider Scanner
  • Photography system
  • Leicaz S8AP0 Magnifier with camera


Scientific manager of the service

Dr. Josep Antoni Alcover Tomàs

Offered scientific and technological services

  • Consultation of collection specimens
  • Production of replicas through 3D scanning and printing

Associated Staff

Contact information