The sclerochronology service is in charge of studying the chronological dating of calcified tissues using both seasonal and daily marks. It is responsible for validating the periodicity of these marks using direct and indirect methods and for carrying out the analysis of the elemental composition of these tissues, as well as writing reports that include technical and methodological aspects and a description of the results, and may participate in the writing of scientific articles related to the work carried out.

The tasks of the service include an initial assessment to determine which methodology is the most appropriate for the objectives of the study. The Service has standardised protocols for the processing of samples and for the treatment of the results obtained, and in the case of microchemistry studies on calcified tissues, ultra-clean methods are applied to guarantee the quality of the analyses. The results are delivered in the format of a report or article that has been specified.


The sclerochronology service is located in laboratory 0014 and partially in 0004. In addition, some tasks are carried out in the clean room (0009b).

Equipment of the service

– Epifluorescence microscope

– Microdrill


Scientific manager of the service

Dr. Hilmar Hinz

Offered scientific and technological services

  • Age determination in biogenic carbonates
  • Quantifying chemical microcomposition in biogenic carbonates

Associated Staff

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