The Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies is a public research center whose main mission is to transfer scientific knowledge to society and advance in the understanding of the environmental processes that affect our planet and the beings that inhabit it.

  • We bring together the experience of specialists in different disciplines (ecology, microbiology, paleontology, physics, oceanography, engineering, computer science, mathematics…) to create a unique collaborative research environment.
  • We research and communicate scientific knowledge about marine, coastal and island ecosystems, with a global vision and a special interest in the Mediterranean region.
  • We look for solutions to social challenges in the environmental field. We study climate change and its impact on the natural environment, the protection of ecosystems and their biodiversity, the management of natural resources….

  • We attract talent and contribute to the training of new researchers and the promotion of science as a knowledge-generating tool.
  • We actively participate in the transfer of research results to society.
  • We intend to be a reference center for the national and international scientific community and for the environmental management of the Balearic Islands.